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I am post v m two year ago


Have had terrible skull pain on left of head behind my ear and then painful neck to move constantly

I had this now and again after meningitis but it’s got worse and it’s 24/7

Doctor prescribed me ssris but has given me such bad side effects

Severe headaches burning lips and nausea

I’ve come off them

I’ve booked an osteopath appointment

Looking for any other recommendations that may help me

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Sorry you are suffering, I had VM just over a year ago and regular cranial osteopathy really helps with my head and neck pain. I feel dreadful for 24 hours after the treatment and need to sleep a lot but then it really improves. Good luck.

Flo53 in reply to Allium11

Thank you Allium11I live in hope xx

Magnesium can help with burning & muscles & headaches & so much more. Also ginger for nausea, I get tummydrops from Amazon. I agree with the cranial too. These are natural & no side affects except if you take alot of magnesium you'll get diarrhea but just back off some. Most of society is deficient. I believe these illnesses leave us deficient in several important nutrients. Good luck!

Hi , I’m 18 month s post vm and I have terrible migraine headaches . 16 days of pain in left side of head , neck and ears so sensitive Doctors have prescribed me Pizotifin and amitriptyline I’m waiting for a head scan and appointment with neurologist to see why I have such pain s

Have u had a scan ???

Flo53 in reply to Debcorn

Not a recent scanI had a scan and lumbar puncture when they discovered it was v m two years ago but the pain relief I’ve been given this week has made me so ill that I’ve come of it

Yes can’t get to see my doctor

I only get phone appointments

I’ve got an osteopath appointment next week but my neck and ears are just so painful

Debcorn in reply to Flo53

I had a lumber last week too , I’m on day 16 of migraine 😩 I’m waiting for a scan and neurologist

Rushaan in reply to Debcorn

Hi so sorry to hear how you suffer. It feels like nobody understands or believe you I went for 2 mri’s in 1 year

The scan is not sore ...just a little scary because you are being put In a huge drum . If you have anxiety ,,ask your doctor to give you something to relax before the scan ..good luck !!

Debcorn in reply to Rushaan

I’m not scared of the scan , just maybe the results !!

Hi I feel your pain ...I survived servere bacterial meningitis...however I suffered more ( in silence ..big mistake ) Try and let your GP refer you to a neurologist who will then do what he is trained for.

An MRI scan will be done and take it from there .

Take baby steps ..day by day ..

I used to go look for my old self ...to find a better Rushaan instead

Good luck to you !!

Just wondering if Black Elderberry may be worth giving a try. You can buy them as gummies. I would take double the recommended dose. It's an amazing antiviral. If the virus is still active in your head this may help. It worked for me.

I have pain in my ear/ chin which felt glandular but no sign of ear or tooth infection . Thought to be TMJ related (jaw joint). It affects sleep and eating. Hope to see ENT but exercises help a bit. I also get weird patches of numbness on my scalp. It feels VM related because my Meningitis was Mumps and the pain feels just like when my glands were swollen.

Lockdown in winter makes pain so much worse.

On line yoga helps.

Osteopathy is not my thing I am afraid.

Yoir the only person I have heard who gets this so do I !!!! My glands in myNeck swell a lot !! And it’s painful to open mouth wide ...

You know I get pain in my neck/ear and i just want to the dentist who said I was grinding my teeth! Ive never done this. I’m telling you I think this may be a possibility for you guys! I’m getting a mouth guard to sleep and massaging the jaws and up to my temple and chin and neck area. Where the dentist suggested. It really does help my headaches and opening my mouth wider. Originally i kept thinking i had like a tooth infection or something. But best of luck! But that’s just a small issue for us post meningitis people. I feel once something is discovered another pops up

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