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Hi everyone, I am 55 years old,

I suffered VM and Encephalitis June 2nd 2019.

I work for a local authority and have done for 25 years.

I have been off sick since and am still suffering massive side effects which include:

Morning head fog( take a while to focus on daily tasks ahead)

Hearing issues including when quiet sounds like a tumble dryer

Light intolerance

Massive body fatigue


Body aches and pains

I’m hoping you all can help me.

Work and myself have had to come to a decision that I will be dismissed on I’ll health grounds. This has not helped with my anxiety and stress levels as I never expected to come to terms that I may never work again.

I am lucky in a way that I have been in the LGPS dice my career started, however I still have a mortgage and family to look after and need to maximise my pensionable payments as much as I can until pensionable age of 67.

Are there any professions out there that can help or any others that can share there long standing issues with me or have been through the same or similar circumstances with there employers.

Like most sufferers it’s very difficult to explain the issues to professionals doctors and specialists include, to maximise my pension allowance so that me and family get by I need to confine a pensions doctor that my symptoms exist and am unable to work now or possibly anytime in the future. I’m not asking or trying to make a fraudulent claim however it’s really difficult to get people to understand.

Does anyone also know whether benefits can be claimed for this illness. Never had to claim anything in my life before and this is very stressful for me being in this position, my family are suffering my reaction to this as well

Please is there any help out there

Happy to post my email address if I get any responses

Stay well and stay safe

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Hi so sorry to hear your condition. I suffered VM/Sepsis/pneumonia in November 2019.i was off work for eight weeks. I have had or have most of your health problems. At first I could not walk I needed to learn that one again. The worst for me is the fatigue ?

There is a now a recognised condition,

Post VM Syndrome. See your GP, he must be aware of it ? Then if he acknowledges the fact you do then you should be able to claim benefit support ? Good Luck my friend, stay safe X

Hi, I had near fatal VM in 2002, I came within 10 minutes of having my relatives called back in, was discharged too early and was rushed back in 3 days later under blues & twos in a state my neurologist called 'checking out of hotel life'.

Long story short, I am now a Community Ambassador for Meningitis Now so I'm more than happy to help and also share my contact details. There is most definitely help available and as I also used to work for a local authority I do understand the situation you are in as well. Take care, Jonathan

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Hi Jonathon

Not sure how this works, am I able to pass on my email address secure to you, you help and advise would be great, so hard to get people to understand the after effects


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Hi Mark, no probs I’ve sent you a direct message with my contact details. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it or can’t see it, there should be a notification?

So sorry to hear this. I had Munps Meningitis in July 2019. I am a 57 yr old woman.

I struggle with concentrating , difficulty with reading blocks of print / light aversion / tinnitus and neutropenia. Have not made it back to work yet Was going to pay for a neuropsych appointment in London to help with work adjustments and now this cant happen due to lock down I will be in the same position as you. I have had a telephone consultation with neuropsychologist who suggested I look at Headway .org / acquired brain injury for advice about possible work adjustments and support

Meningitis Now are also very helpful.

I am yet to have a conversation with my employer (NHS worker) but I know I can only be off sick for a year so worrying times ahead. I will need to have an assessment with an independent occupational health doctor to see if I fit the criteria.

I hope this helps.

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