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Can we have a normal life after this?


I would like to hear from anyone 65 or older that has had meningoencephilitis ( meningitis and encephilitis ) in the past 3 years. Has your life got back to normal?

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Can not imagine having this at 65....please let us know how you are making out

I am nearly sixty a big challenge

You bet. I can't seem to gain any strength or stamina and it's been almost 3 years.

I had bacterial meningitis at age 59. I went back to work as a nurse after two months. It was difficult and has been increasingly more difficult as I have developed vertigo & hearing loss. Right now I am not able to work and causes me a great deal of anxiety. I hear from all of my doctors that staying active is key. Just search for activities that interest you and keep you active. Since I am only 62 I don’t know what’s in store for me. Good luck to you!

Quiltergirl in reply to Runnerma

Runnerma, I have seen several of your replies. I see now we have some even more simularities. I am an RN, I had my 58th birthday 8 weeks after my diagnosis of bacterial meningitis. I finished IV oxacillin in a PICC 2 weeks ago. I've been getting out of the house , even driving short distances. My MDs all think I'm doing miraculously well.

I see you returned to work unsuccessfully. I was a Clinical Supervisor for 2 family practice clinics. I know I can't go back to that job, and I don't want to. It was easier on my back, harder on my stress level.

I saw this post, and I'm wondering what my "new normal"is? I have headaches and light sensativity, Low energy . I have some cognitive issues - memory , word finding , spelling - this is the most frustrating! I am in the US , and it has been suggested by several people , that I apply for disability. I was told by a neurosurgeon , when I left the hospital , to " give yourself 6 months to 2 years for a full recovery" .

I realize now, no one really knows , and we are all different. I'm thankful for this group , as my family and friends really can't understand this. Praying for all of us, I know that is why I'm still alive .

Runnerma in reply to Quiltergirl

Hi there! Hope this finds you doing better. Have you applied for SSDI yet? I am also looking into it as I can’t find a job that I can do. I have now developed Meniere’s Disease & no idea when or where I will have vertigo. I don’t feel safe driving much less working. I empathize with you about family not understanding what you are going through. Until I developed the vertigo I think my family thought I was being a drama queen. With that said we might have a little paranoia. I try to walk or ride recumbent bike trying to get my energy back. I think going to PT & having a good neurologist helped me tremendously. Where are you located? I am in Augusta, GA. Will keep you in my prayers. It is the time to take care of yousel

Quiltergirl in reply to Runnerma

I am starting the process of applying for SDDI. We live in very northwest Washington, 5 miles from Canada. Thank you for praying. I am trying to remember to pray for all of us. Since I also have rheumatoid arthritis, I have a hard time telling where my symptoms are coming from. Now that we have more sunlight, I have more headaches. I am 2 1/2 months from my diagnosis, and there are moments I feel almost normal. I then get frustrated when I am soooooo tired. From everything I've read here , this all could last a long time.

RHB2016 in reply to Quiltergirl

It has been a long time for me. I am 68 so I am on Medicare. I don't think anyone has been able to work for at least 1 year. Will pray you are approved quickly. God Bless

This is such a horrible disease. I still suffer from vertigo (but not as bad) and the hearing loss is getting worse. I don't know what is in the future for me either. Good luck to you and God Bless.

I am 70 and contracted meningoencephilitis over 2 years ago. For me there is a "new normal" which seems to change week to week and requires a lot of flexibility and grace. It helps me to focus on the positive: many symptoms such as extreme headaches and high blood pressure have resolved. Hopefully my current difficulties with decreased vision, loud buzzing in my head, and facial numbness will clear up too. I am trusting God for just what I and my family need each day.

Chahanjen in reply to morethanks

Hello, like you I to am embracing the new normal, take every day as it comes I know my sight and hearing is not going to get any better, but any other improvements are a bonus.

IRHONDA in reply to morethanks

ditto I really believe that praying is the only thing that got me thru in February

I am 64 and have had it 4 times, and just last month got a mini bout , which is fricken terrible as the after effects are as bad as a full blown one, I was determined not to go to hospital as I have 2 dogs and I would have been too worried about them, so I managed to look after myself , the pressure is still in my head and I cant do too much without having to sit down and get some energy back again, I had it on the 16th feb, still getting giddy and hot flushes of weakness and a terrible dry taste in my mouth, I could put up with all of it but the pressure in the head is the worst.... time that's all I can do wait for it to ease off, its aweful getting old and no one live with you anymore and when your sick and have no one to help .... life sucks sometimes hey ... but we battle on have to hey ... well my doggies need me <3 ....

Hi, I contracted bacterial meningitis end may last year at the age of 76, up til then I was an avid crafter, hobbyists, but as I have been left partially sighted, I have had to give up my beautiful machine embroidery as I can no longer see to thread a needle I have a dolls house which I started before the illness if the light is good then I can see to wallpaper it’s not straight but I’ve done it I can net but that’s more by feel, I couldn’t crochet, but have got some huge hooks and thick wool that I can see. I am only just starting to get about outside, my life is never going to be the old normal so I am trying to learn to live with the new normal, it’s not easy I know but hey I am so lucky to be here I wish you well for the future X

Thank you Chahanjen. So sorry this horrible illness has left you this way . I too am blessed to be here. My memory is so bad that some things are completely gone. I am so tired and depressed all the time. Praying for better day ahead for me and you.

Hi I've had meningioencephalitis in Sept 2017. I still have not recovered but all I can say is we are so lucky to be here. I still hate my life since this happened and I feel depressed some days and grateful other days. I live in Australia in a small country town and I have not found anyone that understands all the problems I have x

IRHONDA in reply to jenny2448

Jenny my postcode 2567 maybe we don't live far apart :)

Oh jenny2448 I am truly sorry to here another person is suffering from this horrible illness. It seems no one understands. I can assure you I FULLY understand. No energy, no stamina, deep depression and just tired of it all. I know we are blessed to be here but some days it's hard to feel it. Sending you prayers for more better days ahead.

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