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How long can my father be in coma?



My dad was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and septicaemia. He woke up but we were not able to contact him. He was in one hospital for 6 days , it seem that he was in big pain when they were tryng to wake him up but with no succes. Today they took him to another hospital and put him in coma. Doctor says he have 50% chances for survival. How long can he be in coma? how long will the antibiotics fight the bacteria?

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It was the septicaemia pain (in my legs) that caused me to call an ambulance. Upon being placed in the emergency room, I remember SCREAMING in pain while a kind nurse kept rubbing my hands, saying the doctors couldn't give me anything for pain YET. I was rolled to a table and she told me the doctors were going to perform a spinal tap. That's the last thing I I was put into an induced coma.

When I was awakened a week later, I was in the ICU and a few doctors were standing over me. They told me I had had Bacterial Meningitis and that they now, via antibiotics, had it under control. BUT I still had 2 problems...septicaemia and DIC...and so I still would be receiving antibiotics intravenously. And the pain in my feet and legs was still excruciating. Three weeks passed before I could be put in a chair WITH HELP. From that time forward, I improved A LITTLE each day and was released from the hospital after 6 months from admittance. I returned to work after 9 months from admittance.

It's now been 42 years and I truly have improved A LITTLE each day. Only my feet hurt now and I still can't tolerate heels. But I've been able to have a wonderful life with several huge work promotions. (Neither my mind nor my hearing were ever affected.)

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Thank you for your story, it is good to see that you recovered from this terrible bacteria.

30 minutes ago i got phone call from a doctor that my father is now awake and responding to words, he knows his name ect. if he will be better they will unplug him from machine that helps him breathing. Today i wil drive arbound 300km to see him tomorrow!! what a great news, he was given 50% to live and his state was very bad.

I will update when i will see him, i have read about after effects and i hope they wont be any or they will be minor.

Ok so little update, we wisited my dad on friday, he was ok, little confused but was responding to us, we had a little chat. It was normal talk with few strange things like he was sure that one of his frineds is a doctor in this hospital and was trying to treat him. It is not true because his friend in not a doctor and it is some kind of after drug halucination ?

On saturday he got fever and was getting worse, doctors were testing his blood but when we where there there was no results. On sunday his fever was getting lower so it was big relief for us. He is intubated and a machine helps him breath. Doctors say that we have to take small steps in his recovery. Every day it is like a rollercoster.

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