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Have any one know some one in a coma from carbon monoxide poison,What were there outcome,I have no clue what to expect.This is my father and


I won't give up hope!The doctors tell me that his brain is severely damage and the chances of him coming back is zero.He's been in a comma for two weeks now but yesterday they were able to take him of the ventilator because he is breathing all on his own,today i got a call and they told me he open his eyes for the first time for a while..The doctors keep telling me that those aren't good signs but i know my father is fighting.They wanted me to give up the first week after he wouldn't respond.They say even if he was to come back it wouldn't be the same but I feel he could have been dead on arrival if it was he's time and I lost for words or thoughts,just wandering if any one knows anything would be helpful at this point

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Hello smilepray

I am not a doctor or a health professional but still I am replying because your post touched me and I can only imagine what you and your family is going through now.

As far my knowledge, CO poisoning is a serious medical condition which can cause fatal outcomes in no time. When CO is inhaled it produces Carboxyhemoglobin which makes the blood fail to carry oxygen to the vital organs like brain and heart.

Chances of recovery from a CO poisoning will depend upon how long the person was exposed to CO and his existing medical conditions (if any). CO poisoning is mainly treated by administering oxygen to replenish the loss of oxygen caused by the poisoning.

Your father has shown signs of improvement. His coming out of the ventilation and opening his eyes indicate that he is responding to the treatment received.

I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that your father recovers with time and may regain his normal lifestyle

Please don't give up hope because beyond all doctors and medical explanations, there is one supreme power who controls everything. Have faith in him and everything will be okay

My deepest prayers and wishes for your father's speedy recovery

God bless him

smilepray in reply to blackhawk

Thank you so much!!!!Means a lot.Today makes day 15 and this tue he turned 55 yr old.I'm so bless to spend another year with my dad,and I won't give up no matter what.He doesn't have any health problems,and every day the doctors say the same thing,but I dont understand because he is breathing on his own and i dont understand when the doctors say just because the way he shrug his shoulders is not a good sign,I won't listen to them because it's not up to them and i will keep fighting with my dad.Thanks for even taking the time out to pray for him means so much,May god bless you alway's!!!!

blackhawk in reply to smilepray

If possible, seek a second opinion from another doctor. I have a feeling and hope that your dad will get better over time. Just keep praying.

blackhawk in reply to smilepray

Oh and please convey my warm birthday wishes to him. I wish him a long, happy and healthy life :)

Hi smilepray,

your user name say's it all. Pray. Nobody can give you the answer to this as each person react's and responds differently. I used to be a Nurse, and my experience has always shown me that nobody can ever say never. Miracles do happen, people have been known to come out of a Coma when they were told that this would be impossible. Hang in there. How old is your Father ? Keep praying, dont give up hope, all things are possible.


smilepray in reply to recovered7

Hello,Thank you so much for your support!!! My father just turned 55 yr old this past tue,and i'm so bless to have him for another bd.He's stable but still in a coma,this makes day 15 and were still fighting!!!Thank you so much!!!

recovered7 in reply to smilepray

Good morning Smilepray,

another day, and new hope. All things are possible with God, and as another user said, keep talking to him. He is still young which is in his favour, so be encouraged. I will Pray for him also.

My ex husband had a massive stroke when he was 52years of age, he was in a coma for several weeks and we were told there was no hope. To cut the story short, he was booked to go into a Nursing Home to be fed through a tube for the rest of his life. I refused to allow this stating that it was my wish for him to go to a rehab centre once he came out of the Coma. In the meantime i called the minister from my church to come and pray for him, it was a miracle. He came out of the Coma and has never looked back, ( with much Physio ) and can now write and express himself quite clearly even though there is some permanent damage he is leading a full and healthy life..

I hope this encourages you and builds your faith in God.

Please keep in touch,



Hi. My brother suffered co poisoning on an overnight deep sea fishing excursion. He was in a coma for a week. He did come out of the coma and with alot of therapy did recover to live a normal life. He did have a dead spot of tissue on his brain...but that didnt stop him. He ran a successful company until he retired. Dont give up hope. Pray. As another commenter stated..miracles do happen

Also. Talk to him. I have been told and believe that people in a coma can hear people speaking around them. God Bless.

Thank you so much,Did the doctors say he would never wake up,did he respond any while in his coma?God bless him I do believe miracles!!!!!!!God bless alway's

Thank you all for you support feels like your fighting with me



Please see the links above. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a standard indication for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which means insurance may pay. I'm surprised his doc hasn't mentioned this. best of luck.

also, my understanding is that (for many) greater recovery is achieved the sooner the HBO2 is begun. I am not a medical professional but read the medical literature. searching google with "hyperbaric oxygen and carbon monoxide poisoning" will yield many papers you can print and present to the doctors for their consideration. all hospitals do not have hyperbaric facilities and if they decide to peruse this, he may have to be moved.

Hello,My father was air lifted to a hospital that could offer the hyperbaric oxygen treatment and it was to late,he was exposed to the poison for hr.I really wish there was something else they could do.He still hasn't woken up yet,they have a feeding tube in him and oxygen going through his neck,but he is breathing on his own.The have move him to ltac care now and I have to figure the next step after that.I wish it was more they could do for him than let him lay there.I feel he needs therapy for his brain and I just dont know what else to do.Thank you for your concern

I bet you never expected a response from someone who actually has been in a coma due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Yup, that's me. Although my coma was only four days long. I believe that the outcome of such depends on the amount of time spent in the CO environment, plus the amount of the gas in the environment. The fact that your dad is responding to stimuli is great. I would expect an almost complete recovery for him, eventually. I, on the other hand, was in a garage completely filled with CO for almost five hours. When I emerged from the coma after 4 days, the brain scan showed that I had incurred damage to a structure called the globus pallidus, which is responsible for indirect reception of dopamine. I ended up with a Parkinson type syndrome which has very slowly gotten worse over the last 27 years. As I understand it, CO normally affects the weakest part of the brain first, and spares the strongest part. The thinking part of my brain was spared because I was and still am super-smart. Is your dad more a strong man, using his physical strength to get by? You must be very honest with yourself, because there is a chance that if his short-term memory is affected, he might make a complete recovery. This is due to the fact that the brain compensates better for cognitive damage than for physical. And God yes, keep praying.

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