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Cousin contracted Meningitis and is in coma 5days now


Does anyone know if in the USA there is a help hotline for the family? Background. My cousin went to the VA hospital on Friday had to wait 5hrs before being seen they sent him home saying it was the flu. The next day his wife took him back because he was getting worse. He then went into a coma and has been for the past 5 days. From what I am being told he had fluid surrounding the brain, his sugar levels were in the 300's and blood pressure really low. He has now stabilized with much lower sugar levels and blood pressure increased. I have asked the family if he is responding to the antibiotics and they don't know. The Drs are slow to get answers for him. We are praying for him to come out of the coma but we are really scared. I am 800 miles away from him so I am not able to visit the hospital. What kind of things should the family look for? Ask? Or anything. Oh 1 more thing they said he has no brain function and is on breathing tube but his organs are functional. Thank you as any information would help greatly.

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Poor thing. I am not a doctor but it does come down to how much brain damage has been done anx unfortunately only time will tell. Once the swelling has gone down they will know more. I assume the antibiotics are working if they werent unfortunately he would have passed away by now. Fingers crossed he will pull through but it will be a very long road to recovery. Xxx

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Thank you Kerryg72 it is a waiting game a very frustrating one.

My only advice is to have a neurologist see your cousin and perform a procedure where they insert a syringe in the bran and suck out the fluid , we didn't do that to my mother in law and today she's in a vegetative state , her eyes are open but no movement or reaction, she was in an enduced coma and was like that for 2 months on life support. I wish that the doctors would have done that procedure on her and squirted the antibiotics directly in the brain , it's a complicated procedure not everyone will do it . Good luck

I am in USA & not aware of any support lines. I would suggest that the family ask for a neurologist & ask questions! If they are uncomfortable with doing that at least have them let a nurse know that they have questions. It is a very stressful time. I will say a prayer for your cousin.

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Thank you. I told them I will be learning all I can and help them with questions they need to ask. I am trying not to be a pest as it's very traumatic but it's so important we know what is going on from others who have been through it. Thank you we need all the prayers over the world as we can get.

There needs to be a team of highly skilled doctors working with your cousin. There should be an infectious disease specialist who determines what type of meningitis he has so that he is on the best possible type of antibiotics. The family should be meeting daily with that specialist to determine his status, his outlook, etc. MRIs should be performed, lumbar punctures should be performed to see if the antibiotics are working to lower the infection. If the VA hospital doesn't feel like they can handle the seriousness of this, they should transfer him to a hospital that can deal it. Hours count.


sdjohnson231 thank you I am pretty sure they are working with specialists there I am so far away I don't know personally. He is getting MRIs and has one scheduled tonight. I praying for a positive outlook. I noticed on one of your posts you were in a coma for 7 days with no brain response? Is that correct? I am so happy you survived you definitely provide hope😀 thank you for being on here to help us going through this with family.

Get in touch with mengitrus now in uk 🇬🇧 there the best


Thank you everyone for your support my cousin passed and way from this unfortunate silent disease. I pray for all of you that are suffering or with family that is suffering. God bless you.

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