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Pressure in head

Hi there

I had bac meningitis nearly 2 yrs ago and fortunately have recovered almost 100%.

I recently started trying to lose weight a couple of weeks ago (like most of the population after christmas!) and have started getting this pressure sensation in my head and heart palpitations. The head pressure is exactly the same as when I came out of hospital from having menigitous and wondered if anyone else has experienced something similar?

I'm not doing any silly diet and I am definitely eating enough, so I can't understand it?

Thank u x

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Yes Vicky, I was stricken with Meningococcal Septicaemia 38 years ago and I've had that pressure sensation in my head since then. Although it's daily & painful, fortunately it's not 24/7 and I've learned that there are two OTC medications that bring me TOTAL relief that day: Excedrin Extra Strength if it hits me during the day and Dramamine original formula (the one that makes you sleepy) if it's at night. Maybe twice a year neither of these 2 meds work...and instead I have a horrific non-throbbing headache. Then, on those very rare occasions I take TWO Dramamine pills, climb in my bed and sleep. 1-2 hours later I awaken...PAIN FREE!

Hope this helps you. It took me 15-20 years of experimentation to find the solution.

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Hi Vicky

Am pleased to hear that you survived the nasty BM. I also had BM & S in May 2011.

Although you had the pressure sensations in your head when you were discharged after the meningitis I think I am understanding you correctly that it had settled down. In which case I would suggest that you should go to your GP to get yourself checked out as it is now reoccurring as may or may not be related to the BM.

However, my first thoughts was that you are perhaps not having a balanced diet since you have been dieting perhaps by omitting most carbohydrates perhaps but I see you say that you are not doing a 'silly diet'. However it is interesting that it seems to have started when you started to diet. It is not my intention to patronize you but I will just mention my thoughts as sometimes we can overlook things when we are determined to achieve something eg lose weight. Headaches were a common feature I think of things like the Atkins diet (could be quoting wrong diet) so you need to be sure that you are eating a balanced diet. Also that you are eating regular meals and not missing some mealtimes in your quest to lose weight because again going long periods and missing meals and fluid intake can cause problems. If you are not drinking enough although you will not realize it because it won't be obvious you are dehydrating your body and that too can cause head pain so make sure you drink plenty of water if you are cutting back on drinks that have milk etc in them. Also too many cups of tea or coffee can cause dreadful head pain. If on reconsideration of your diet and fluid intake it is indeed as you say balanced and sufficient then it is the GP that you need to go and see asap so that they can give you a general check up including your BP as that could also be another cause.

Best wishes and do let us know how you get on.


I too was having those same types of pressure headaches and the first thing the neuro put me on was a blood pressure medicine verapomil to lower the bp in my brain. This works sot of.

The second thing I have done which seems to helping even more is I am trying a vitamin called Cerafolin NAC which is reconstituted to cross the blood brain barrier and heals neurons. This caused some differnt type of head pain and in different areas which to me feels like healing. My headaches are fewere and less intensity now.

Good luck to you.



Hi! I had bacterial Meningitis many years ago and I still have the pressure in my head!


Hi there, I had BM septicaemia 4years ago an the migraines were debilitating for at least 3 years until I started taking a supplement called cellgevity. It boosts your glutathione levels which aids in cell rejuvenation and detoxification. After that I haven't had one since! I'm living again!




I believe time is a great healer.

I need an advise as well. My fiancee contracted tb meningitis in july 2014. She was unconscious and woke up with so many issues. Now most of her issues have resolved but she's having issues in walking as she still has spasm in her left leg and weakness in right arm. Will it get any better. She early had incontinence which resolved with time.


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