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I am coming to end hopefully of 5 months of vm and have experienced everything from headaches to neck pain to back pain, but for the last week I have had severe pain in my elbows and shoulders so bad i can hardly lift my hands....anyone know how long i will experience this? this is the worst as it is waking me up at night even with ice packs on my arms. thanks for the help!

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Hi if you didn't take it easy the first 8 weeks you hurt your self if you find doing something hurts stop go easy you will get better

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thanks for the insight..and comments

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I feel like through recovery with vm, it is so easy to hurt yourself. Your body is so fragile. I remember over stretching my arm and my shoulder hurt for months. Don’t push yourself. Rest, it’s still really early in your recovery even though I know it does not feel that way. Hydrating yourself is major, and take daily vitamins, and of course when you feel weak or need rest, rest. These things seem simple but are so important! It’s not a cure all but it helps. Praying for you!

thanks for all your help..i have been fighting this and probably hurting myself more because I am not used to slowing down and begining to realize my life has changed because of this...I pray everyday my head will recover and I will be able to think and feel better again but it is such a fight that I feel useless on certain days and can't explain this to my family...

Hi, sorry to hear another person is suffering from this horrible illness. It's been 2 years since i first got sick. Still have bad headaches everyday and neck and body aches. It is so easy to hurt yourself during this time and it takes months to get better. Wish i had better news but depending on your age you may be in for years of recovery. I wish you better results than me and pray you recover faster. The main thing is REST.


I too was diagnosed with VM back in February. Had chronic daily head/face pain, pressure, dizziness and seemed to pick up lots of other infections along the way these past few months. Ended up back in hospital in April with another infection but pleased to say it has been 5 weeks and I seem to be slowly picking up. Currently on Amitriptyline for the headaches/face and taking lots of vitamins. However, because of all this I have developed extreme anxiety which lead me to this forum so I could take some comfort that I am not alone in my post VM symptoms.

I agree with the advice of rest, something I struggle with as I'm normally so busy with work and family.

Wish you all well!

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thanks for your reply...i have lately been feeling extreme nausea and wondered if this is typical as I seem to have something new every few days..still trying to slow things down as much as possible..i am on gabapentin 300mg a day but dont know if it is doing anything for the brain swell although i do not have the headaches as they have subsided with the acupuncture so only get them rarely now...but still have the numbness in my right hand and toes in the morning..

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I had some sickness with the dizziness and not much of an appetite but that has gotten better the past few weeks. I think we all have different side effects during our recovery and it is quite scary when you just get used to one symptom and then another comes along! I read about acupuncture and was thinking about trying it or a cranial massage. I seem to get muscle twitches instead of numbness but this could be down to my anxiety over the whole illness. Definitely helps having forums and websites like this though so you don't go through it alone.

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yes i get the muscle twitches as well but that is the very least of the problems i have experienced. I think we all have anxiety because for most of us we have never been sick. For me, the loss of control has been a big one. I now wake up in the morning thinking ok what is next and for how long am i going to be like this until i get over this stage...I went for approx. 5-6 sessions of acupuncture and my headaches all but disappeared in the five week time span.

Yes you're right about the sickness bit, I've never went through anything like this before. I wake each morning thinking pretty much the same, I think my body is is constant fight or flight mode to what is going to be dealt to it next. I have found a woman you specialises in cranial massages and other types of physical recovery treatment so looking in to that. I'm so pleased you have had some relief from your headaches and that the acupuncture helped you deal with that issue. Fingers crossed new symptoms start to slow down for you :)

yes most of the symptoms of headache have disappeared..went to eye doctor yesterday and she told me that the virus has not only changed my prescription but it also caused severe scarring on my hands still hurt and toes are numb in the morning so hoping that goes away soon..just tell myself i have to get better everyday and trying my best to live a clean life and not worry about issues right now..

I had severe daily headaches, neck pain, joint pain, very swelled lymphnodes (jaw, abs, and groin).

I was researching into things for lymphatic health, since mine hurt so bad it was crippling. I found that graviola/soursop tea is used to help lymphatic cancer patients. I thought if it's strong enough to help cancer, maybe it could help me.

To my total shock, after just a few days of drinking two 8 ounce cups a day, steeped for 10 minutes and sweetened with raw sugar or honey and creamer, I felt significantly better. Within a couple of months, I felt more normal than I ever thought possible.

I also took daily brain, vision, and energy supplements: gotu kola, apple pectin, and grape seed extract. Along with some immune boosting supplements: echinacea, Dandilion, vitamin c and zinc. And took neem, a very strong anti-viral.

Now I drink one cup a week of graviola tea and Dandilion tea combined. And I still take supplements one week on, two weeks off. Hoping this will help others who are suffering as badly as I was.

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This is very helpful thanks. I am a total believer in everything natural where possible. I am also taking drugs for the oain & inflammation too but am waiting for cranial massage & nutrition advice. I eat a good diet but have active viruses in my system so all help & advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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