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Post Meningitis - 2 year old


My son contracted bacterial meningitis (pneumococcal) when he was 11 months old. He fought hard and got through it. All of his MRI scans showed a small amount of brain damage scattered around the brain. He is now almost 2 years old, he is a lovely happy boy, no hearing loss, he understands most things and says a few words. I am worried because he is not yet speaking, as in, saying sentences or 2/3 words together. He says a few words like ‘daddy’ ‘baby’ ‘no’ and makes animal sounds and says ‘tick tock’ When he sees a clock.. we are grateful that he has progressed so much but I’m just wondering if he’s a late bloomer or he is having difficulties due to the meningitis. Any other parents on here with children who had meningitis and brain injury as a result, what are your children like now? Has this affected their speech etc? Any help/assistance would be great.

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My daughter had bm at her 40 days and now she is a happy 3year old that develops great according to the developmntal stages. My son from the other side is almost two, never had a sickness and yet no talking and not doing the things my daugher was achieving at that age! What am saying is that your boy might just be a bit slow like my son. However, having in mind of what he has been through, maybe it is a good idea to visit a neurologist or a developmental peadrician

Hi there my daughter had menginnococchal septicaemia at 2.5 years old she’s now 8 nearly 9 and she had no obvious after effects until she got to school and I’ve only just managed to get a paediatrician to see her as I actually never got any follow up after she had meningitis so has took me a long time to get to where I am now and currently being tested for behavioural difficulties as she struggles emotionally and socially educationally she’s doing well but it’s often impacted by the emotional/social side of things she’s also starting puberty which is also having its own effects but it’s all connected somehow after doing lots of research I’ve personally found that not all after effects are apparent straight away and because of how meningitis affects the brain and the brain doesn’t stop developing until your in your 20’s. So depending on where the brain damage is depends on what development is delayed I only say delayed because my little girl has only ever been delayed everyone may have a different experience but I spent many years second guessing myself and always wondering if maybe I was over exaggerating but now we’re being seen it’s actually making me feel less like I’m imagining it, hope this helps you find some answers, maybe speak to your health visitor because he’s young and it’s his speech your worried about they’d be best people to speak to about that 😊 xx



My son will be 2 on Thursday and he got BM at 3 weeks old. He has a right tympanic flatline but has no hearing problems. He is saying 1-2 words also with no sentences Yet. They told me problems may or may not manifest at all and not be picked up on until school years , so it’s just watch and wait for now. His mobility milestones are all normal and I’m wondering the same as you with regards to the speech. Are you having any follow up care? We’ve been discharged from the paeds but he’s due his 2 year check so hoping we can discuss it then. Xx

yogurt everyday with good cultures & sourdough & pickles ever so often will help him

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