Flying after meningitis

I was never diagnosed with meningitis because the hospitalsame I went to failed to test me saying if I can touch my chin to my chest then I don't have it. Anyways, this all started in March 2016. I do feel better now but I still get stiff neck and head throbbing. Also, lightheaded andizzy hate being in public. My question is, has anyone flown with meningitis or after you have had it?I'm supposed to be flying in 6 days and I'm scared of the pressurexact on my head. Also, I have had both an mri and ct scan of my brain and a possible partial aqueduct stenosis was found but they weren't sure so I have to see a neurosurgeon to rule it out. My neurologist did mention it looked like I had a meningitis infection but he wasn't sure when based off my mri.

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  • Hmmm, I got a doc cert which meant I couldn't fly whilst I was in recovery but i was officially diagnosed. I'd go to your GP. With my cert, I can claim on my travel insurance (uk)

  • I was in Spain when I got BM and I was there about 3 weeks, I was able to fly home after the doctors gave the OK and I was fine while flying (no headaches or dizziness)

  • Stiff neck is AN indication of MM, it is not the be all and end all. I was diagnosed with MM in 2/69 while in the US Army. I was hospitalizd for 0ver 50 days. I have had migraines since then however in 8/96 I flew from NYC to London on the Concorde at 60K feet at Mach 2.1 rerlax a plane flight ain't gonna kill ya.

  • I've flown after meningitis but I have a long term med condition (as well as the meningitis) I had supported travel for the flight (at the terminal) and a fit to fly note from my doc..

    Initially post meningitis I would get anxiety and panic attacks if I was in stressful situations (almost like a 'fight or flight' reaction. They've eased off over the years but I still get anxious when travelling (bacterial meningitis 2005)

  • If I go to the hospital or doctor, they will just say I don't have it so theres no point in that and they will definitely say I can fly because they never aknowledged the meningitis to begin with. I went and had the western blot test and it did say I had some positive bands for lyme disease. The health food store said even one positive lyme specific band means I have lyme so I'm on an herbal lyme kill treatment. I read lyme can give someone meningitis as well. Doctors often fail people so I resorted to naturalists who are very knowledgeable.

  • I flew after the bacteria meningitis infection. Like my neurologist said it's a WAG as to whether or not you will have a bad experience. WAG is wild a. guess. So relax, travel and enjoy your life as best as possible.

  • You are best to ask your doctor that question

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