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TB meningitis Post renal transplant patient


I am from Nepal and My mom is in ICU in India. She has been diagnosed with Tb meningitis. It’s been 2 weeks tb medication has started and last monday she got Little better but then same again, hasn’t improved. She had fever, headache and vomiting on and off for almost 2 months. When mom was brought to medanta hospital she was able to eat and was able to go bathroom with support and talk little. Same day when medication started , her Heath deterioted. Now, She is disoriented, can’t talk can’t walk or eat. Her vitals are ok and she is in tube feeding. Any advice please and stories in similar case.

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I am sorry about your mom. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about this. Try to find reputable sites for more information. I think it’s always good that family members advocate for their loved ones.

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