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Nose after meningitis


Hello. I am 8 months after "possible" CNS infection (the doctor said that it was not 100% viral meningitis but I think that they are just ignorants) and, much like everyone, I have to deal with certain after effects (including headache, memory issues, fatigue, neck syndrome, photophobia and the list goes on). However, there are two strange issues that I consider to be after effects, because I hadnt had them before Vm:

1. Runny nose when I chew . When I drink something I feel something like "electricity" going up my nose!!

2. Bruises. I have bruises and pinprick red spots without apparent reason on my calves. I used to have ingrown hair but this just wont go away with betafusin, bactroban, calamine lotion etc.

Can anyone suggest what these things are? they freak me out. Have they happened to you as well?

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