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Meningitis Now
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My journey

I had a ruptured brain aneurysm Dec 9th 2012 clipped to save my life.While recovering I spiked a fever of 105 , had a spinal tap done and it was bacterial meningitis , now 5 yrs later I suffer from chronic dizziness ,I had a total of 3 brain aneurysms and in May of 2015 I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus so the 4th brain surgery was a magnetic programmable shunt but I still to this day suffer from dizziness and fatigue all the time ,any info or help on this would be appreciated .thank you!

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Oh my you are blessed to be alive! I am 2 years out from having meningoencephilitis. I was on life support 6 days and in the hospital 6 weeks. Had to learn to walk again, talk, and everything else because i had lost all my mucscle mass. The good thing about it i don't remember the weeks in the hospital. I have decided the dizzeness is not going away. The fatigue is always present even if i try to exercise. I havevlearned to rest when tired and be aware of the dizzeness. Wishing you thevbest.


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