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Post TB meningitis treatment headache

my mom diagnosis with TB meningitis and started anti-TB drugs she recovers slowly and improved in 1 yrs no headache or seizure. its time to stop TB medicine but doctor did a mri scan and its shows abscess, doctor did MRS it confirm tuberculoma, doctor give a combination of TB medicine with MRI at each three month after 1.5yr more treatment brain tuberculoma abscess almost disappeared. doctor stop medicine and mom heath is good no major disability, minimul hearing loss.

its been 11 month no she is not taking any medince and she is in good health mentally and physically but since last 2 days she wake up with headache we give her pain killer for relief but we are very worried, IS TB relapsing?

Its cold in indian in dec-jan, may be its beacause of cold or any other thing causing headache

please advise, we feared of relapsing of TB.

she complete her course of 30m as suggested by doctor (he is MD, DM and neurologist).

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She needs to continue to see the doctor often.


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