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How long will this meningitis take to cure completely?


Hello friends,

I am active here for around last one month or so. My 21 years old friend had meningitis this June, 2013. She was in coma for 2-3 days then she woke up.

Here are her recoveries and problems.


1. She can now take a good amount of food with mouth.

2. She can speak but her voice is still slurred and weak.

3. She follows a schedule for waking up and sleeping and responds to questions.


1. Stiffness in right arm & left leg which seems to be easing with recent medicine changes by doctor, she is having less pain when tries to open arm and leg.

2. Bowel and bladder incontinence.

3. She recognize people some times but can't recognize some other time.

4. She's not having periods for last three months.

Kindly share your experiences on her recovery how good or bad and problems she is facing now are common and recoverable?

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Everyone seem to progress through recovery at different speeds and with different outcomes down the road. I know that is not the answer you would like to hear however within my experience when brain involvement is present, as it is with meningitis, there are so many variables including response to treatment. It all is as individual as your face. The professionals should be able to tell you ballpark expectations from MRI results and that takes time and repeated testing. They will try to treat the symptoms. In my case I have hearing loss. It is permanent. Not sure if it is from the infection directly or the antibiotic used to treat. I am 2&1/2 years post bacteria meningitis. I've come back a lot but not to pre illness health. Best answer from me is time will tell. Kind Regards. Jeffery

Hi. My father had the disease (bm), and the best input I can give is to be patient and positive. The disease takes time to get rid of. There may or may not be lingering after effects. Tell your friend that it takes time and to be will get better.

aujjaju in reply to PMaz1970

How's your father now. When did he get this and how long he took to recover?

PMaz1970 in reply to aujjaju

Unfortunately my father got the disease when he was 83. It took too much of a toll on his body and brought on other complications that ultimately led to his passing. I did a lot of research on the disease and this forum gave me alot of info. My father was also in a coma for three days, so I know somewhat of what you are going through. It is scary to see someone you love in a coma and ponder what to do. You have youth on your side. It is tough to deal with but people do recover. takes time but does get better. God Bless.

aujjaju in reply to PMaz1970

Thanks for your supportive message. I feel so sorry to know about your father. I hope my friend will get back to normal soon. Thanks for your kind support. It gives strength to fight this mental & emotional state. Thank you so much. Keep giving knowledge to me. It's really helpful

aujjaju in reply to PMaz1970

She's diagnosed with Tuberculosis Meningitis.... How serious, just after starting treatment, in seven days her fever was gone.

Bacterial meningitis is a lot more harmful than viral meningitis which is what I first had in 2011. I had it the second time and the third in 2012. I have a lot of problems ever since. I am now 77 years old. Sorry about your friend and hope she will recover in the near future. I am going to see the infectious disease doctor soon to see if there is anything I can do to prevent my falling (20 times since 2011), my lack of sleep, my memory problems, etc.

She's diagnosed with Tuberculosis Meningitis.... How serious, just after starting treatment, in seven days her fever was gone.

PMaz1970 in reply to aujjaju

That is a good sign from what I have read. It is soon in the process, so I would hope that is progress, and all may be well. Please consider that it is very early and this is a very unpredictable disease. I hope that all may be well. Google the disease and do some research. Once the disease is cured, the thing to worry about and consider is the ailments the disease may have left behind. Hopefully there is none to minimal. Stay strong and if there are lingering ailments that were not there before the disease, and there could be many, then stay positive and patient. It may or may or may not take some time to recover, and patience is the key, as recovery can take alot of time. I hope in your case it is a speedy recovery. I wish you the best and hope your friend recovers well and quickly.

its a time thing im still learning the wifes condition 2+ years on after BM. from severe short memory problems. loss of felling in hands arms, incontinence, chronic fatigue, ICU Neuropathy, loss of taste. felling of blocked nose. metallic taste in the mouth, hair loss, personality change.the list goes on she's still under Neuro rehabilitation people.

at a recent appointment we discussed how things are these yrs on and when Mrs was ill being in ICU For weeks and weeks hasnt helped this causes its own problems for people. its just a time waiting game

Hello all,

Sorry to hear the problems that you all have. I had pneumococal meningitis just over 3 yrs. ago. Wont go into to details of it. Except to say it was gruesome for husband and son as I died twice[!!] and was in hospital for 3 months.But I'm still here. Total loss of hearing in my left ear, balance problems and occasional fits of depression. Stiff upper British lip will see you through. Am back to swimming 40 lengths.

Good luck to all of you.


sorry to be a downer but on 23 November it will be 10 years since i had bm and still looking forward to the day i might get some improvement

but we all live in hope

Hi...Is your body showing any movement?? Are you able to move?


The body will recover when is ready.. give her time. Good support and encouragement is key.. tell her do as much as her body wishes to. If she wants to sleep then sleep. I hadbladder problem but when I was discharged I was im home comfort and will happen. Keep her mind occupied. Watch films etc.. my mind was losr for a while but she will get back to normal. For her the scary bit is thinking you wont recover.. going over "why did this happen to me?" But she will be fine trust me. Push your mind and stay positive.

aujjaju in reply to Hidden

Thanks a ton for your encouraging reply. Replies of this kind do help to take down the stress. Thanks again.

Hello Friends,

I am 29 and my wife is 23 years old. Its been one month she complained about inflammation on the back of her head. So we went to a doctor, he asked for a CTs scan, the report says that there is "mild fullness of temporal horn"? Meningitis? Encephalities? So after visiting again to the doctor, he asked for MRI now.... By reading about meningitis i am very much worried. Kindly guide me by sharing your experience.....

Can u give me u r contact number dear

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