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VM to cerebral sinus venous thrombosis

Had Viral Meningitis years ago. Recovered after about 3 weeks. Was diagnosed last Jan. with acute cerebral sinus venous thrombosis. Had all the symptoms mentioned by the person who got thrombosis right after recovering from VM. This is a very rare disorder. I was in the hospital for 6 days while they monitored me and thinned my blood. They want you at a viscosity between 2 and three. This is the only protocol for treating this. Extreme headaches, eye aches, irritability, pressure in the head. I am on and have been on blood thinners for a year and have an MRV every 3 months to see if the clots are dissolving. They are not but I feel great and haven't had headaches or other symptoms since thinning my blood but without doing that and monitoring with MRVs I would be right back where I was.

I hope they are thinning your blood to improve the flow and try to erode away the clot.


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