Fungal Meningitis diagnoses after 3 weeks of bacterial meningitis treatment

My mother in law had surgery to remove a benign tumor behind her ear. About 10 days after her surgery she began having terrible headaches and fever. At the hospital they started treating her for a UTI, but with in hours she began losing strength in her legs, she became incontinent and she was having trouble speaking and her thoughts were all confused. We told the doctors and they finally did an LP and found meningitis. She was moved to ICU they started administering antibiotics through a pic line. Her fevers were very high and this lasted 5 weeks. During these 5 weeks they had to put a drain into her head to release fluid build up and also administer antibiotic directly in her head. Finally after 6 weeks of her admission the surgeon went in through surgery and biopsied her dura (lining that protects your brain) he also found pus inside and an abscess in the medulla area. About 3 days later they found fungus ASPERGILLUS FUMIGATUS in her Central Nervous system. They began the proper treatment with Voriconazole and her fevers have stopped. She is in rehab but has loss of memory, they’ve had to put a feeding tube because she’s forgotten how to swallow, she is learning how to walk and do everything all over again. This is rare but we believe it’s a complication from her surgery. She is 71 years old, she loved to walk 2 miles a day and was very active. Now she is dependent on everyone. She had surgery for acoustic neuroma September 18 and was admitted in the hospital October 5, 2017.

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  • I'm so very sorry about her condition. Praise God she was strong enough to pull through all of it. God bless her with complete recovery. Mold is the worst. She'll always be sensitive to it, even if she recovers from it. Aspergillus is a severe fungus... I hope she can go home and start on natural antifungals and probiotics.

  • Hi which natural anti fungals

  • I am using oregano tea, or oil in capsules, olive leaf extract, raw garlic; mixed in with food... it burns. Baking soda alkalizes; fungus can't survive in an alkaline environment. 1,000 mg. vitamin C, cinnamon and cloves, raw honey ...try to avoid sugars, stevia is a great sweetener. Colloidal silver works great.

  • I'm not sure if you know but, peanut butter, coffee and chocolate are common moldy foods. Organic, non-gmo is best if you can't avoid them. :) God bless you, and your mom.

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