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Meningitis can kill you?

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my father has been in the hospital for 17 days, he was meningitis bacterial, but they could not know what it is. after 15 days he feel much better, two days ago he started feeling bad again he is very weak he does not want to eat , they put a tube to feed him, he can not walk or talk anymore, I am very sad I am afraid that he is goin to die. He is 75 year old.

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I’m so sorry to hear that bless your heart it’s not nice to have to go through at any age? Has he received any antibiotics? Meningitis is so dangerous because not enough is known about it. Sending you and your family hugs at this terrible time for you 💖 xxx

Keep your spirits and hope up. This disease can do so many things, including leave and let your father have a good recovery. Keep faith, dear sister, that all will be well for him. My very best to you, Michelle

Continue to be by his side, encouraging him all the time. He may not be able to talk, but I'm sure he can understand what you say to him. Tell him to keep fighting! He should be on a very strong course of antibiotics to fight the infection. The antibiotics have to do their work, but he has to try to stay strong in the meantime! Continue to stay as positive as you can and let him know how much you love him! He will feel the love coming through. Hugs to you!

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