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Hi, Just wanna share my sister's experience with TB Meningitis way back 2011 hoping that this would somehow help others and can give hope to everyone. You shouldn't let TB Meningitis ends your life and the way of your life just like that.

Way back 2011 while I was away from my family (they are in Visayas and I am in Mindanao, Philippines), I was informed by my mother that my youngest sister who was 10 years old at that time was having an on and off fever for more than a week. Suspected that it might be dengue, she was brought to the doc for check-up and was found out that she had no dengue. Medicines were given for fever however there were no improvements in her condition but just worsen. These happened twice with 2 diff doctors but only told same. Until after many weeks my sister can no longer stood on her own, wouldn't eat, kept on vomiting everything she's taking in. She was so ill that our last option was to rush her to hospital. With the doctor's advice she was admitted for observation since they were still clueless on her condition (our hospital was a government owned, a provincial hospital that was not well equipped, and unfortunately doctors were not that good). She was so ill during her stay at the hospital until after undergoing many tests, she was diagnosed with TB Meningitis. She was so sensitive with lights and noise, she had stiff neck, severe stomachache. She slept almost the whole day, and when awake she was in agony due to severe headache. She was given sedatives to lessen the pain. Many kinds of medicines were given to her but there were no sign of improvement, her condition worsen each day passed. It was a very hard battle not just for her but for the whole family. After more than a month confined at the hospital, she never improved, she fell into a semi-coma condition, her body no longer receives the IV fluids until her attending physician gave an option to my mother; to continue her stay at the hospital though there were only very small chance of recovery (according, her condition can no longer be cured) or to take her home for her family to spend with her the rest of her life left for her. Because of financial problem and practicality we've decided to just bring her home in hope that she might get well when she's home. We've invited all her friends, classmates and playmates to come to our house almost everyday since we believed that she can still hear them though she was unconscious. We were hopeless, to the point that I was like giving up, I prayed and cried almost everyday. I was surrendering her life to GOD, I gave her up to HIM. Church leaders from different religions gave their visit to her, annoints her, prayed over for her. Even our relatives from different places were praying over for her. I was telling GOD to take my sister so she no longer feel any pain. But we never realized that while she was unconscious she was still fighting for her life. At her very young age, she already knew the value of her life. My family were not that religious type, we don't go to church more often, we don't attend mass always, but we believe in him and his miracles.

Thru the help of my cousin whom God used as his instrument to deliver his message, she was told that the 'Sampaguita' flower Jasminum sambac shall be boiled and shall serve as her water. It was given to her everyday. It was like less than 2 weeks that she started to show signs of recovery until she woke up from coma. Day by day, she was slowly recovering, from waking up, to started moving her hands and feet, started moving her entire body, regained her speech slowly by slowly. Managed to sit, stand and until she can walk. She had an amnesia, she can no longer remember anything right before she fell into coma, at start she cannot recognize things. With a right guide, with Tender, Love and Care and with prayers, everything returned as to how it was before. She had this extreme determination to get better which not only give her hope but gave hope to the entire family. With only very slight complications like she got poor eyesight, easily get irritated, had a migraine-the reason she quits school. Also her behavior and attitude was altered but aside from those, she is now fine. 6 years has passed, she's now fine though we must take care and we should be very much conscious for her health. Believe me, prayer is still the most powerful medicine that nothing can beat. Nothing is impossible with HIM!

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I really love this story a lot. Thank you for sharing ! I love this.


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