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TB - Meningitis - state of coma

Hello ,

My mother is 56 yrs old and just 12 days ago she had severe headache , and after 2 days of severe headache her condition got more worsen and admitted to hospital , she was diagnosed to be suffering from TBM and medication and treatment for TBM was started , after admission her condition got little bit better , she was able to speak a little bit , but suddenly after 3 days her condition got worsen and she went into state of coma , MRI report and Dr said she had developed multiple infarcts in her brain and into important part of brains , since last 12 days she is in ICU and from last 1 week she is in state of coma , I am really very much worried about mother , can anybody please help and suggest something what we can do , when my mother will able to overcome this state of coma . Pls help !

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How is your mother today? Has there been improvement? I was 56 when I contracted pneumococcal bacterial meningitis and had a similar reaction of starting to get better, only to relapse. After several days, I did wake up and start speaking again. I had no idea what had happened. I still have residual effects, mainly headaches and trouble with concentration, but I'm here. Please write again.


My son who is 9month old is also in a coma for almost 3weeks and I wonder if he will ever wake up has TB meningitis


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