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Does anyone know of a good doctor here in the United States that is familiar with meningitis?


I live in the United States of America and so far the doctors i have been to are baffled and their idea of testing for meningitis is by touching your chin to your chest and asking if it hurts if it doesn't hurt than they automatically rule out the possibility of meningitis without actually doing a screening for meningitis so I'm asking if anyone knows of a good doctor here in the United States of America

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Yep they test for stiff neck but they only record if extreme rigidity that happened to me they are clueless here in australia too sorry not much help had bad day swallowing hard and lights all twice as bright

Good luck

I know of a great MD in NYC. Am not sure where in the USA you are.

Hydro222 in reply to 4timerVM

I'm in Texas

Pingpongman in reply to 4timerVM

Fellow New Yorker and new to this. Who would you recommend?

4timerVM in reply to Pingpongman

Dr Eddie Louie, Infectious Disease specialist, NYU. He's great.

Pingpongman in reply to 4timerVM

Thank you, this gives me hope things can get better. Up until this point, feel like I've been pushed around doctor to doctor.

4timerVM in reply to Pingpongman

Please let me know how it goes.

Your doctor should have ordered a spinal tap and an MRI on your brain. It's important to know whether you have bacterial or viral meningitis and the cause, which only a spinal tap will show. You need a good neurologist. You didn't mention where you live. It's important that you are diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible for a good recovery from this terrible disease.

My husband had VM last year in October, which was caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. The neurologist said that he could have had this virus lay dormant in his system until his immune system was weakened. My husband was in the hospital on an intravenous antiviral medication for 12 days, then he was on oral antiviral medication for another 12 days. He also had some physical therapy and a visiting nurse see him at home for 2 weeks after leaving the hospital. I saw huge improvements in his recovery after 3 months of rest. He still has some balance issues and a little short term memory loss, but for the most part is doing quite well. The doctors are all very impressed by his recovery and have told him to keep resting as needed and be patient with his recovery.

Hi Hydro222,

I am also in Texas, northwest Dallas area.

I had VM nearly 11 months ago now, and received excellent medical care during my 10 day hospital stay.

It’s been a long and hard 11 months, but I am healing and recovering. It is slow and some days are better than others.

I also have an excellent Neurologist that I have seen to ask questions and to my surprise, he had some experience and knowledge about VM and the recovery.

He told me about 2-3 years is when most people will feel better again.

And from reading on this website, that seems to be accurate from many others experience, post VM.

The Neurologists name is Dr. Eric Drew.

I did not have the classic textbook symptoms of one with VM, I did not suffer with a headache, sensitivity to lights or a stiff neck.

I had a high fever, vomiting, lethargic and feeling incredibly ill, like never before.

It was only my 3rd trip to the ER that I mentioned the possibility of me having Meningitis that the ER doctor ordered the spinal tap.

It was positive and confirmed VM.

I was kept at the hospital with fluids and anti nausea meds for 5 days.

It was only some time after having VM, that I experienced stiff/sore neck, sensitivity to light etc.

All of that passed at about the 5th month post.

I can exercise now, watch tv, although I do not like loud noise.

This illness and experience have been very difficult to understand and to cope with.

I am blessed that I do not have headaches, severe fatigue or sensitivity to light.

What I am left with at this point is dizziness some days, feeling tiredness at times, cold/stiff hands (nerve damage)

Anxiety and depression.

But overall... I am improving.

I pray a lot for strength, endurance and peace about my healing journey.

It is happening.

God hears our prayers.

Ask Him to help you, He will.

Take good care.

Hi I live in the USA too... Virginia and I have the same story. Several trips to the ER until they figured it out. Fast forward 2 months post viral meningitis and yes I am improving but recovery is slow and different from everyone. Right now i started suffering from leg cramps and muscle spasms in my back. I still get tired pretty easily, My shoulders are really tight and sometimes I have scalp tenderness. Some days are better than others... but I’m definitely grateful to be on the path of recovery.

I am about to start an anti-inflammatory diet and add anti-inflammatory supplements to my daily routine. I’ll keep everyone posted!

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