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After Effects of Meningitis into adulthood

Hi there i had meningitis as a 13 month old toddler way back in march 1984 and was wondering if anyone has had after-effects in adulthood such as myself. I suffer from memory loss, aggression, etc and even had trouble with wetting the bed up until the age of 12 which caused me great embarrassment. I was wondering would a doctor be able to help me in anyway if i was to make an appointment?? because this has caused me a lot of distress for many years and now i want to know if this disease is to blame.

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I think it would be impossible even for any docor or specialist to know whether the problems that you have, were the result of the meningitis, or other factors of genetics, personality or experiences during your childhood etc. You may have had these problems even if you didn't have meningitis at 13 months old. Unfortunately even if you have got damage to your brain from the meningitis there is no way of fixing it. You would only be able to get help for the problems that you are presenting with now e.g therapy for anger managment, strategies to support your memory. You may also find it helpful to ask to be referred for some counselling so that you can try and accept who you are and move forward with living you life with your difficulties rather than being stuck with wanting to find something to blame such as the meningitis.

I would also suggest that you ring the Meningitis Now helpline and talk things through with them - Freephone 0808 80 10 388. They are very understanding, supportive and knowledgeable. There are other services that you can access through them as well such as Counselling.

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hi llew i feel for you as i have problems too.i had mennigitis meeliggcoccal and septecemia all spelt wrong lol when i was three back in 1965 .the docs saved my legs but i was in hospital for nearly a year having skin grafts .i am in chronic pain all the time as muscle and skin was removed .as child i wet the bed .i have headaches .flashbacks .i hate bright lights even now after 50 years .and many other problems ..i wanted to find out if anybody else had similar to me


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