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Spinal meningitis

My husband slipped 3 discs in his lumber 3 years ago, he's had back pain and numbness down his left leg ever since, 4 weeks ago we thought he's back had gone again, he was laid up in bed for 3 weeks, on the the Thursday of the second week it 5.30 am I was driving him to hospital with pains in his chest and he couldn't breath, they put it down to inflammation of they heart sent him home with pills. The following Wednesday he couldn't move his knees feet hands wrre purple blue and his skin was mottled purple blue he was paralysed from the waist down, he pent a few days at our local hospital then transfered to Doncaster infirmary where he's been ever since, they did a biopsy on his spinal fluid, it had grown cultures they had never seen before,that was on Monday we found out Friday he had meningitis of the spine don't know what type, myself and my son had to take one does of antibiotics as a precaution, I have no idea what to expect when he comes home, he has it in his head that he'll be back at work in a couple of weeks, his medication is working well he is able to stand and walk slowly now, but they told him if we left it another few hours he wouldn't of been here

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With any form of meningitis he should prepare not to work for quite sometime. Drs may say a few weeks but no..the after effects for a lot takes months sometimes longer. With hopes maybe he'll be one of the lucky ones. But just in case, be prepared for a roller coaster of new symptons..most common , moody, depressed, disoriented, vision, headache and stiff neck, ...he may be fine one day then down the best advice is how ever much time he has to rest ..take advantage of it and do just that. Rest and lots of water ...meningitis affects the brain and until I got meningitis a little over a month ago , I did not realize how much its responsible for ..Prayers for a speedy recovery


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