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Daily headaches

I had viral meningitis 1st Feb and spent 8 days in hospital after also then getting post lumbar puncture headaches meaning I had to have a little procedure called epidural blood patch. Anyhow I spent 3 months off work recovering which I was quite lucky in the sense I wasn't getting headaches! Now this last week I've had a headache everyday and Thursday night I had such bad fatigue I was in bed at 8.30 where previously I've been feeling back to my normal self. Im sort of getting paranoid because this is how the VM started with headaches last time. Also my wonderful husband is getting concerned too bless him and wants me to ring out of hours doctors but to be honest I don't see the point as at the moment It's just headaches and they won't do much. Has anyone suffered similar to this? I'm drinking plenty of water during the day too thank you

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I would say have a look at what you are doing at moment, back at work? other stressors going on around you - everyone is different but in many ways on reading this forum some things seem to be recurring themes and return of headaches might be that you just need to rest more - maybe see your doctor or use the helpline to get some support - I needed to relearn what I could and could not do - now currently suffering extreme fatigue and stress having returned to a highly demanding job - approx. 18 months back but need to rest up many times - its about making the adjustment and those around you adjusting too including employers if possible - having support to make your needs heard is very important in this regard -

best wishes and take it one step at a time


Hi sophie6. Thank you for your reply. I've been back at work 5 weeks but just recently gone to my full hours the last two weeks but I only work part time as I have 3 young children. I just can't get over how I was feeling good then all of a sudden bam! I feel dreadful again I just want to lay down and rest but that's not easy when my husband is at work and I'm home alone and unfortunately at the moment my mother in law who is a massive help has recently had an op so isn't able to help as much as she normally would. I will see how I am over the next few days see if I can rest where I can x


Hi, you sound so much like me, that I want to say I know. I have dealt with your exact symptoms multiple times, including many hospitalizations following these symptoms you described. I have learned to increase the acyclovir and rest time. Avoid the computer as the light from the screen triggers the headaches often for me. My job was 90% computer, and at this point I have had to retire from work. Please let me know how you are doing.


Hi Sopie thank you for your message. I'm feeling much better now but I can't get over how for 3 days I almost felt I would be back in hospital. Very scary as I never really expected to experience it even though it seems common. I hope your doing well. I work mainly on computers but I'm only part time so it's not to bad at the moment. I'm not on any medication right now and I'm hoping to stay that way but I will certainly visit the GP should I have another episode like I did. Thank you


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