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hey guys, this is my first post to this site. I've been looking for answers regarding viral meningitis and it seems everyone has the same problems as I have. Headaches that are persistent, pain from the back of my head that aches clear to my tail bone, etc. I had a stay in the hospital for a few days and a follow up with my normal doctor. I started vomiting for a week after the hospital stay so I returned to the ER where I was treated as though I was being over dramatic... I'm still not feeling myself. Anxiety and depression and any light is still killing my head. Is this ever going to quit? It's been 3 weeks now... And doctors act like I have migraines are disregarding my symptoms :(

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  • Has VM been confirmed by a lumber puncture? If so what you are experiencing is to be expected after VM. It can take months for recovery. You need to take analgesia regularly to keep the headaches from becoming excruciating. If you wait until they are bad the analgesia often doesnt work as well. 3 weeks is very early for VM after effects to resolve as VM takes much longer than minor illness like flu.

  • These are the exact symptoms I had afterwards. I was signed off work for 3 months then part time for 3 months. I still get a little of all the symptoms now 3 years later. My advice would be take it slow and lots of rest. Gradually build your self up and use meningitis forums for support and info

  • Hi, sorry to hear you're not doing so great. I had VM in Feb this year and I was off my feet for 6 weeks. I wanted to give up and I cried every single day. But the key is not to give up! Stay strong. However, full recovery is up to a year but the symptoms are no where near as bad. For me, it's tiredness, some headaches, memory loss. But I promise you. It does get better x

  • I have memory loss as well! I thought it was because they had to revive me when my temp spiked & I stopped breathing.....wow!

  • Hi Shelbyhassen!

    I also began vomiting after I got out of hospital. My headaches didn't subside until sometime in January & I contacted meningitis in October. The only thing I know is I was told I was lucky to be alive. I was tired, no appetite, anemic, light sensitivity, & massive headaches while recovering at home. It was a horrific experience for me as I'm sure it has been for everyone.

    Hang in there! Hugs!

  • This happened in October 2014.

    If I get a headache now it's really bad. They don't seem normal like before.

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