Night sweats after VM

I was diagnosed with VM 5 weeks ago. In the main, It's a gradually improving picture. What is concerning me is the night sweets. These have continued since the onset. I wake during the night absolutely drenched! Need to change bed clothes etc. My room he cool, no heating! Has anyone else suffered with the same?? I thought this might have passed by now.

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  • I certainly had a similar problem for a long time after BM. I am wondering what age bracket you are in as that also may have some bearing on what is happening, however, meningitis I think can disrupt our body temperature control and endocrine systems. You are only 5 weeks on from the VM so I am not surprised that your body is still recovering.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you for your reply. I'm 44. Perhaps it could have had an effect on the hormones. I don't experience any hot flushes or sweats during the day. I've noticed that the night sweats are worse if I've pushed myself more so that day.

  • Yes I think it does throw our hormones out of kilter and will take time to settle.

  • Hi Clara, I'm 18 months post VM (second bout) and still have a degree of night sweats, though localised just to the neck and upper back / chest now. It is not just physiological for me though, and stress has a large effect, which is more pronounced now than pre VM.

    It was really difficult at the 'fug' phase you're in currently and sleeping on a towel helped loads, especially with the laundry ☺ It also often stopped it, hence the mind playing a factor too. Meds could be at play as well -paracetamol makes me poor and codeine, dry as a bone.

    Did remind me though that I was still alive, toxins are flooding out and is a good reminder of the need to keep the fluids up! Not all bad, in a way.

    Be strong Clara. As my first boss told me, "Help is coming! (Just don't ask when)". Seriously, it's early days yet and your body will settle with time and rest. Let it do it's thing. It still loves you, and just needs a little time to connect again.

  • Thank you for your response. It's good not to feel so isolated and alone with these symptoms. I was getting concerned that these sweats are almost every night. Pre VM, it was really unusual for me to sweat much at all. As you rightly say, it's all part of the body getting shot of the toxins. I have been drinking much more water of late to help. I notice that you mentioned the you're recovering from your second bout of VM? I was warned that there is a possibility that it could return, albeit rare (caused by one of the HSV viruses). Thank you again. Wish you well :)

  • I'm 8 months post VM diagnosis and still have night sweats plus, but to a lesser extent, some day ones. I've been using a 4.5 tog duvet all the time too. I have an electric fan beside my bed and chair and both are used several times a day and do help me to feel more comfortable (but not eco friendly!) Being in my 60s, I thought I'd left sweats behind me, but sadly, no. It's interesting to read of others' experiences too. Be kind to yourself and take each day as it comes.

  • Thank you for responding. It's reassuring to understand that I'm not alone! On discharge from hospital, they likened VM to an unpleasant bout of flu, so I did become worried when symptoms weren't clearing up quite as I was led to believe they would. Thank goodness for this site!! Take care too.

  • A pleasure Clara, and you're not alone for sure. I did think of living in a onesie till I'd recovered, but life is short, and the family forbade it ☺

    Don't worry about the repeat VM thing, it is really rare. (Had been diagnosed with it last year but it's a red herring. Post VM symptoms can just last for ages and confuse things. Will post more about it one day soon.) Was just a reference that it's been the same each time and possible a hang over from a double dose, so like us all, my case may be a little different, at least in terms of recovery time and end result. But we seem to all hit similar bumps along the road, different times, different severities.

    Keep flushing those toxins and take care. It's not easy but I try and treat myself now as I would a loved one, and not no2 anymore. Takes some getting used to!

  • Thanks again! There is a temptation to stay in the onesie till recovered, but as you say, life is short! One day at a time. I'm back to work tomorrow, very fortunately on a gradual return.

    It will take some getting used to, but something like this has really made me realise that I also need to take much better care of myself. A hard way to learn a very important lesson!

  • Hi Clara, 2.5 yrs post VM, I'm 60 yrs old & just had my 2nd outbreak of VM. Lumbar puncture was clear , but was experiencing ghost symptoms. Hospitalized for 3 days . Had knee surgery 6 months prior , the stress of surgery & anesthesia caused flare up. Anti-viral meds now , feeling better. Still have night sweats , light & noise sensitivity. I totally agree with prior responses, be good to yourself, exercise, meditation, healthy diet, lots of fluids, & most important rest. You cannot fight this fatigue! A good positive attitude is paramount! You are not alone!! Will keep you in my prayers !!

  • Sorry to hear that you have suffered a second flare up, but pleased to hear that you're feeling better. As previously stated, this has really woken me up to the need to be much kinder to myself. Time to take up meditation.. Something I've always spoken about doing, but never seemed to find the time. Big wake up call. Thank you for your advice, wish you well too.

  • You are very welcome. If I can help with any other questions , please Don't hesitate to ask!!

    All the best!!

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