Neck pain after VM

My VM symptoms started 8/6 with the crushing headache that felt like it was going to end my life. Followed by about 7 doctors who just kept telling me I had a migraine and a LP that wasn't done till 9/11 by basically a 13 year old out of medical school who played a game of operation with the procedure on my spine. Needless to say, I've had the worst luck. I am still recovering but getting better each day and have come leaps and bounds from where I was. My question is about neck pain. I have had ongoing back pain, I believe started with the LP and was caused by it, plus VM. But just had another doc tell me to go to PT and "dig myself out of the whole." Kind of hard to do when you can barely bend over. But what worries me more is the neck pain. I have random bouts of neck pain and I can't link it to anything. I use a tens unit and heat on it and have been doing some light stretching. I have baclofen which helps some and recently found that the old drug cogentin, I had some from a previous health experience, eases it (try it out if you are suffering, can't hurt at this point!) I feel like it's getting worse. Has anyone else experienced bad neck spasms, even up in that region, after VM and in recovery? (Ps I have looked into craniosacral massage. Please don't leave a note.) Its so great to have you guys to lean on, Ive basically lost faith in the medical community. At this point (in the US) I basically wait in pain in a lobby and pay a copay to them so they can walk in for ten minutes and tell me I should be ok, dig myself out of a whole, etc. Think I'll just rely on myself from here on out! thanks guys!

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  • Hi there, you say you looked into cranial massage, did you try any sessions? My daughter had bad neck pain, and that sorted it for her too, as well as the violent headaches, sleepless nights, depression etc. She is on her last one this week, that will be the tenth. Just saying! Good luck anyway with your recovery. Xx

  • I have recurring VM ( mollarets) and each time the recovery is the worst part. There are supplements that can help; magnesium at bed time etc. I go to a chiropractor after because I also get neck pain and headaches. A short session usually shows I am out of alignment due to stiffness and cramps and just one session helps a lot. Plus sleep, tons of immune boosting supplements and gentle exercise and swimming. But I snorkel- specifically because I can hold my head straight otherwise swimming can be a strain on neck. Yes, not really easy to snorkel everywhere! And yoga. Just take it slow. It’s soooooo boring waiting to feel healthy. I feel you! Waking up in pain and exhausted is awful. I think what I am trying to say is do everything but know that the recovery is worse than the attack and it takes time. Your body needs to shed the virus from deep in the nerves. You can try hot cold therapy too to help. Either sauna and plunge pool several times or even just dipping your feet in a hot bowl of water and then cold back and forth about 3 times or more. It really helps to shed the virus. Wishing you all the best xx v

  • Thank you planetvix!! People have suggested chiropractors to me for years bc of my migraines but I've always veered. Something about the readjustment and such, it just seems like once you go you have to keep going forever. And right now I would be really scared bc i do think this is still part of the virus fighting me. It feels like it is coming directly from where my cervical discs start/end. Like that connection specifically. And almost like it's not just the discs/bones, etc. but it's something under it, connecting it, idk hard to describe. Ive had more issues since I had the LP than before with all of the neck pain and back pain. I swear it made it so much worse! I am slowly working light yoga and some easy walking back in. And I am trying to find a pool. Good call on straining the neck possibly in the pool, I will make sure to be careful with that!! The pain just comes at complete random times and I can't seem to attach it to a cause just besides my body working things out since I got sick. It seems to be getting worse and more frequent though. I am big on supplements and have magnesium. I will make sure to add if back in the rotation! Thanks for the helpful info! :)

  • I snorkel everywhere. It's a huge boon to any chronic pain, because swimming is the best thing ever for pain if not for that pesky turning and lifting of the torso. ;) Yes, I'm 10 years into chronic pain and I'm a great swimmer but I still snorkel when I have pain. In the lake, in the public pool, in the private pool...I look silly but no one has ever told me I can't.

  • Did you try Cranial Osteopathy? It's a different modality than CS, though they are related. CS helped me a little, but CO helped me a lot. I know how it is when everyone tells you what worked for them, so no expectations here but it's worth a shot. I felt a little difference after one appointment, and a big difference after 2 or more. So you should be able to distinguish rather quickly, if it's a very good therapist doing it.

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