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Pituitary tumour surgery turns into menegitis

My husband had a pituitary tumour removed 14 months ago. During surgery the membrane around the brain tore and he had a cf leak. After 11 days they said they leak was ok. A week home he developed excruciating head pain. Took him to our local hospital and right away they figured menegitis. He was taken to downtown Toronto hospital. The most intense pain he has ever experienced. He wanted to die. After a few days of many antiabotics and huge amount of painkillers, they performed another surgery to repair the tear. That didn't work. Still leaking cf fluid. 2 weeks later he had another surgery to put a shunt in his head. Finally, it worked. It's been a slow recovery. Our gp now thinks he won't be going back to his job, which is an elevator mechanic. When he pushes or pulls he feels pressure in head and can get dizzy or headache. Also driving more then 30 minutes seem to cause bad headaches. He can do daily stuff like cleaning and gardening, cutting grass etc. but he does know the next day if he has done too much. He is having a hard time with the thought of not working. Anyone else have this issue. In turn I'm having difficulties reassuring him.

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Hi I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. I'm a doctor myself, and I was diagnosed with tb meningitis in February earlier this year. I could barely get up and eat. Daily activities were so strenuous. Over thinking, even attempting to read a magazine would cause me severe headache and dizziness. I would tire so easily and had debilitating memory loss. I was convinced something else was surely wrong with me. Driving was out of the question for a good on 4 months. I've been back at work for 3 months now, while I still have my off days, it gets much better. Energy, memory and headaches all begin to improve with time. Please reassure him that he's not craze or depressed.



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