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Balance Issue ! Post VM 2016 July

Hi there,

I am VM post 2016 July, I just found out today from my physio therapist, that I have mild balance problems. I can't be more specific right now, it could be highly likely causing my brain getting tired as well!

Question, have you had or are you still having balance issues, or have you had balance issues and have successfully trained to correct them. I am specially interested on news of anybody who has managed to correct / trained their balance issue, after roughly 6 months since their attack?

I had a balance / walking problem from the start, BUT , that got better very quickly, it seemed to be ok.

Example of balance problem, I have difficulty in spinning round, and don't like to shake my head. I guess this is why I find it uncomfortable to jog/run.

Stay Positive :)

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Hi, vertigo since VM june 2015, ENT'S, neurologist, all saying nerve damage. Prism glasses helped, weakened eye muscles from VM. L ear pressure, popping, turning head to left makes the room spin. Yes, the exhaustion comes from ur body trying to compensate for not knowing where it's at. A car ride creates nausea, vertigo. Tried spinning myself in computer chair, to retrain brain, helps for a few hours? Rested I do better in am. No answers from drs? Took mucinex for sinus cold really helped with balance issues. Claritin D everyday now is helping about 80% of where I was at before...still not driving. No one can explain why the Claritin D is helping, CT scans, MRI'S don't provide clues. Looking at crainial massage next. Keep searching for answers, u are ur own best advocate. Wishing u the best , take care


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Thankyou for giving and sharing your time Sonnerkay. Your balance symptoms sounds quite tough compared to how I have it. I might try Claritin D see if it helps. I am actually going to cranial therapy, have had about 9 sessions now. It really helped, especially the first treatment. I was quite amazed by the difference.

I always hope that each treatment helps. I will have my tinnitus worked on and inquire about treatment for balance problems.

Keep on fighting this horrible shocking after effects, never give up and yes we must stay positive with hope.


Hello, definitely give cranial massage a go! It pretty much cured my daughter Rosie, after her suffering for nearly two years with post VM effects. Her story on this site..Rosie S's Story. Good luck. X

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Cranial massage seems very popular, so worth a try. I have mild balance issues 18 months on. I'm finding that yoga has really helped me.


Yes, I have had balance problems since bacterial meningitis. After a year and a half since diagnosis, I was sent to a physical therapist. She worked with me for 3 months, 3 times a week for an hour at a time, "retraining" my brain. I can now walk in a straight line again! I can go up and down stairs without having to hold onto the railing. She used a belt around my waist to hold onto me while we (I) did different exercises, some with my eyes closed, to help my brain relearn things. It did wonders for me!

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Its 2 years since my VM and I felt i was out of balance and my energy was out of balance too. I went on a wellness journey and quickly discovered a holistic tool to help me rebalance everything. It has changed my life, I started to get more energy and feel good really quickly because i had so much success i became a practitioner and now Im a trainer. My life has changed since VM and so has my career. It only took one session to learn the tool then every day I balance and the improvement is on going in all areas of my life. If you want me to send to info let me know. I wish you every success in your recovery.


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