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Sad Loss

Hello not been around for a while been busy caring

My wife Louise had meningitis 4 years ago now

during her long stay in ICU She need lots of support for her major organs

since coming home she's struggled with lots of health issues including kidney function problems and heart problems, amputation to her foot this further trauma caused charcot foot this caused lots of pain

gradually over the years Louise's health deteriorated until she was unable to walk or get out and about

last week while in hospital for fluid retention Doctors said Louise had only a few days to live

so i brought Louise home she passed away within 40 hrs of coming home

im convinced this was down to the trauma her body suffered with meningitis.

we've been together 40 yrs since we was a comp school

im absolutely devastated

take care of everyone and each other friends




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On behalf of Meningitis Now, please accept our sincere condolences on the loss of your wife Louise. I have sent you a private message.

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Dear Chris

I am so very sorry to hear that your dear wife Louise has died. meningitis is such a nasty and devastating illness and your wife was amazingly strong to have survived it at the time although clearly she has suffered organ damage and the physical damage of foot amputation etc. forty years is a very long time to have shared your life with a loved one and that's wonderful to know that it grew from being Teenage sweethearts. I am sure you have lots of wonderful memories but at the moment your grief will be still very raw that you will still be struggling with the disbelief of your loss and still expecting to see her sitting in her favourite chair. I expect too because you have been devoting your time to caring for Louise that you have suddenly found yourself at a loss as to what to do. I am wondering if you have a date for her funeral yet and whether Louise was able to express some wishes as to what will be arranged for her?

My thoughts are with you and please continue to come to this site for support and understanding.

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Chris, I'm so sorry for your great loss. Your wife surely benefited from your love and care through all the years, and especially for your care at the end. My sympathies.

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My deepest condolences Chris. Take your time with the past and then move ahead knowing that your wife is in a much better place and her suffering is over.


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Such sad news. I really am so very sorry for your loss. I hope your wife RIP and you find comfort at this sad time. X

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Dear Chris so very sad to read your post , your wife was blessed to have had your 40 years of love and care, and to come to home to die. Please give yourself time . I wish you all the best for the future.


Really sorry to hear this Chris. You are not alone in this. Regards, Rowena


Thank you for the comments all. very hard times and to top it off for me i have just received a report that has taken nearly four years to put together after i made allegations four years ago.

the reading of the report is appalling this is now subject to court action.

Meningitis take the signs of it very seriously everyone.

Regards Chris


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