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Spinal Chord Stimulation

Does anyone have any experience relating to spinal chord stimulation as a way of treating phantom electric shock type pain, I am a bilateral below knee amp and am awaiting to see a consultant with a view to try this, as the sensation can be literally like receiving an electric shock in a part of the body that is no longer there and at times it is quite debilitating my longest episode of this was about 45 minutes long..

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Hello, That must be a dreadful sensation - I'm very sorry to hear that you're experiencing such pain.

I am a neuroscientist and to the best of my knowledge, spinal cord stimulation is not likely to be effective in helping you. I did a quick search of PubMed when I read your post, but wasn't able to find any studies or research specifically reporting data on this exact issue. Since then I contacted a specialist in spinal cord stimulation at Department of Anesthesiology at the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark who says the following; "Dear Shannan

If I understand you correctly, this person is experiencing phantom limb pain in the legs?

Unfortunately, phantom limb pain is (to the best of my knowledge) usually not considered a very good indication for spinal cord stimulation.

For more information, try going over a PubMed search or perhaps try looking at wikistim.org.

For clinical evaluation I would suggest asking a member of the Australian societies for practical advice."

It is very worth your while seeing your specialist and there is no harm in giving it a try - in giving anything he suggests a try. Specialists are here to help, so do take advantage of his experience and his compassion.

I hope this is of some help to you and very much hope that you find relief from your pain.

With kind regards,




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