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Returning to work after BM

Since contracting BM in December 2013 I am still too unwell to resume work. I don't know when I will able to go back to work if ever. It looks more likely that I will be retired on health grounds. Is there anyone out there that did contract BM was signed off 'unfit for work' but did in the end return to work and is doing ok.

Thanks Tinks

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I had BM in March 2011and never returned to work, I was 55 when I contracted it. Just did not have the energy and became so tired after any activity. That was much the case until the last few months when I am able to do physical tasks without feeling awful. Still very tired at the end of each day, but can do much more now.

Many people told me it would take 3 years to make some progress. Everyone is different of course.


Its been 8 months and I still get tired after a few minutes of doing an activity. Just having a shower and then breakfast in the mornings with the help of my carer results in me wanting to go back to bed and sleep. I guess its a long journey to recovery


I had BM in March 2006, had both legs amputated below knee in April, walked again unaided by September and returned to work in January 2007 on a phased return, took 2years before I was able to do full time hours.

I depends on each individual case how recovery takes place so you cannot really answer this question

Good luck



Thank you for replying, I just have to take ut one at a time.



Yes, with time and patience it's possible to return to work. After my first episode of BM I returned to work after 3/12 months.


I was in a hospital for 3 months and subsequently readmitted for a further month at a neurological hospital. I was signed off for a further 8 weeks before being allowed to return to work.

I was a senior manager heading up a number of departments and it soon became apparent that I was unable to perform at pre ABI levels. 3 years later I was offered ill health retirement after raising a grievance against my company.

I gratefully accepted and some 2 years later accepted that my ABI would hamper my efforts to return to gainful employment and now volunteers for a couple of organisations which I find engaging.


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