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Why she screams????

Hello everyone,

Greetings for the day.

I keep writing here about my 22 years old fiancee's condition. It's been one year mark for her now.

She is better then before but her weakness in right side has not resolved yet so she can't walk on her own and still needs support. She start to scream while walking, exercising or just sitting. When we ask her whether she's in pain she says no. But then why she screams that badly sometimes? She's facing fatigue as well… will it improve???

please share your experiences.



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Hello Anuj,

It is good to see your post and your continued care of your loved one. Seems like she is making progress, little by little.

As far as why she screams - here is what I learned from my dad's experience:

He would scream, and it was disheartening to say the least. I hated to see my father like that. I was told that it was because of a few things. The first was the sensitivity to light, an after effect the wore off as time passed. I was also told that he was hypersensitive, and that anything that touched him hurt. That also went aware in time. Finally, that it was just a side affect of the disease, and that it would take some time to go away. It did.

Hope that helps. Glad to see you still fighting!



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