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Meningococcal Menangtis

My mother in law was diagnosed with this, it affected her spine , body , and brain . She's was put in an enduced coma 5 days ago , she was than removed from the medication of the coma , but is receiving life support, they tried to wake her up for the last 2 days but nothing. Vitals are good . Today the Drs said the medication looks like it's working but they want to make an incision in her throat and insert a tube so she can start breathing on her own. I'm worried that they aren't giving her enough time to get better before taking the next step. Anyone have any ideas if this is correct thank you

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Hi Mishmishmo

Please trust the Dr's to know what to do for the best for your mother in law. Maybe explaining my situation will reassure you a little - I was in a coma for 3 weeks. During that time several attempts were made to reduce the sedative medications to see if I was ready to wake up. But I became agitated and they had to sedate me again for a while longer. They also changed my breathing tubes from my mouth to my throat - a tracheostomy. This was so it would be more comfortable for me and to help my recovery. Once I had eventually come out of the coma and was assessed to be able to breath adequately without the support of the ventilator, the tracheostomy tube was removed. The incision in the throat then heals up and all I have now is a thin scar from the incision. That is very encouraging that the doctors are saying that the medications are working. Being in a coma and having the life support machines take care of breathing etc means her body can put all its energies into fighting the nasty meningitis. Meningitis is very serious and it does take time for the infection to respond fully to the antibiotics and then once the infection has gone her recovery at home will take a long time as well.

Very best wishes


Thank you so much for your input ! I wish you a long and healthy life !


I was in an induced coma for about 7 days, started coming round on day 8-9, and was within a day or so of getting the tracheotomy. Apparantly if they expect you to be in a coma for closer to 10 days its easier to deal with life support, feeding etc via trach. than with all the other wires and tubes.

So yes, that sounds like standard practice. Best of luck x

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Hi how long after they did trac did you wake up ? Glad you recovered !


Sorry for the misunderstanding - I didn't get the trach as I started coming round on my own at that point, but I was within a day or two of having that done. I did speak to another patient who had a trach but came round only a couple of days later, it can vary in case to case I suppose.


Thank you for your input. I appreciate every ones experience, it helps a lot. Be well


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