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A year since TB Meningitis…. Please help

Hello Everyone,

Greetings for the day.

I keep writing here about my 21 years old fiancee and i am blessed with your suggestions and comments. To give a flashback she contracted bacterial TBM in July 2013, went in coma and then her journey started towards recovery.

Now I want to discuss her recoveries after one year mark.

1. She has mild hemiparesis in right side so she is unable to hold things tightly but it is getting better with time. She's having physical therapy but main issue is that she knows she need to exercise but still she don't do it herself.

2. Her memory is better now. She can remember some important things and can repeat after a day or two. But minor things she use to forget.

3. She can go upstairs with a very little support, however slowly...But walking on a straight line is still an issue, maybe she is fearful, Please share your suggestions on this.

4. She understands everything...She become naughty sometimes, She is missing memories of the period from when our relation started...She however say that she feel like she knows these memories.

5. She can swear on me that she'll exercise for getting better daily but she hardly follow that...And say i forgot knowingly...However her parents keep asking her to exercise.

Please share your experiences and let me know how long can she take to recover well.

Please advise me so that I can save my love...!



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Thank you for updating us on your fiancées progress and indeed she is making progress,even if you feel it is slow.

2) memory - my short and long term memories are damaged but ,like your lady,long term gaps have gradually come back .I found that looking through old photos,videos with my daughter,helps me to piece things together.It really is like there are total blanks in certain times of my life and then suddenly I will findI have a vague feeling that yes I remember. was very distressed for a while as I had no memory of either of my children,s births or 1st 5 years, but when watching a TV programme about births ,all of a sudden I could remember. I made me very emotional to finally remember!

3) Has her balance and vestibular function been tested? I have vestibular dysfuncton since Meningitis in 2008 and am permanently very dizzy.I require crutches and a powered wheelchair for outside.I am unable to stand or walk in a straight line,unless I have my crutches to keep me up.If she is dizzy she will be very fearful of walking.Going upstairs is easier as usually there are banisters to hold onto.My problem is going downstairs!Does she use any walking aids eg crutches,stick or a walker?This may help a lot to give security.

5) Now exercising is a problem !She maybe very very fatigued still,so just managing daily life is hard.I was given a very large list of exercises to do to strengthen my body but I was so utterly fatigued,even 2 yrs on from Meningitis that I confess I rarely did them.I think the only way I would have done them as prescribed was if I knew someone was checking up on me!! Perhaps she might be motivated by having a chart or record of her exercise?Maybe if she does her exercises for eg a whole week you could agree on a treat ! It may also be that there has been somedamage to her brain with regards to personality? I found that I went from a very cautious,sensible person to a very different impulsive personality,Whereas before I would not give up on eg exercise programmes,now I am much less motivated and will just give up if it seems to hard or if no one is checking up! I had a years programme of vestibular rehab and I did do my exercises very diligently as I so wanted to be rid of the 24/7 vertigo -but I had to complte a daily chart and show it to the physiotherapist so I did it ! Perhaps something like this would help?

Can I just say,that having followed your posts I think you are an amazing young man.Your fiancée is a very lucky lady to have such a devoted man to keep her going.If you can get through this traumatic experience together,there is great hope for the future and I wish you all Gods blessings for the future.

You have helped me a lot also,as as a Meningitis sufferer,sometimes you are so caught up in your own sufferings that you don't realise that your loved ones are suffering also.


I don't remember most of my past memories after meningitis but new things isn't a problem so you try to make new memories with her abd happy to hear she's walking.I'm not able to walk and often get depressed


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