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Does the after effects get reduced with time or it goes on deteriorating worrying about it ?

I am also very glad that i found this website. I have been reading your stories from past few hours. All of us are going through a very hard time.

I think i was also contracted with some meningitis at the age of 4 when i had a serious headache. Docs said to my parents that they may have seen symptoms of meningitis, only that much. from then i lived my life as a normal person but i noticed i do have some problem in me. i really didn't cared about the meningitis thing. I do have mood swings, emotional instability, behavioral problem and some speech problem. but i thought it as my nature. I was never good at anything, i couldn't get proficiency in at least one thing.

But i was living more or less happily .

But one day i decided to know about meningitis, then after reading about it think i understood the problems of me are all from the after effects of meningitis.

I am not sure it its after effects of meningitis, but problems comes to be those as the after effects of the meningitis. till date i have no idea if there is meningitis or not in the report of the headache treatment when i was 4.

After reading all the things i have become more vulnerable. I only think about the meningitis things. I think after knowing about it i am getting worse day by day. I have started worrying a lot, my self-confidence is like all gone. I think i cannot do anything and keep on staring all the time thinking that i have those problems in me. Do i get better with time? do these after effects go by any method ?

Does this reading and consulting a doc about the condition we are having helps? Or it just helps to deteriorate our self?

I don't think consulting a doc and having medicine helps. everywhere i only read that as the time passes it only gets worse. I think consulting to a doc just helps to make our health bad instead of getting some help.

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