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Has anyone found a way to lessen the tinnitus?


Hi everyone!

I'm a little more than a year post men b, and the tinnitus is driving me nuts! I wish I could say it's gotten better but I'm not sure. have about 90% hearing loss in my right ear and 20% loss in my left ear. This is a great improvement from when I was released from the hospital but I still can't hear very good. I can hear all kinds of things that others can't hear but when it comes to the human voice I can hear it, it just doesn't make sense!?! I always have tinnitus, sometimes it's really loud and sometimes it's barely noticeable and I think it interferes with my ability to process voices. Does anybody else have this? If so, how do you deal with it?

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Hi. I'm 30 years post men c with 100% hearing loss in both ears and also suffer from tinnitus, which varies in intensity. I'm always aware of it in very quiet situations. When it's particularly loud, which can happen when blood pressure is raised, either through stimulants like caffeine/alcohol, feeling stressed/anxious, listening to loud music (I have a cochlear implant on my left side) it can cause problems understanding speech. I can't stop the intensity so let it run its course. It usually quietens down after a while.

There's a good source of information about tinnitus online - Action on Hearing Loss (a UK-based charity) has an extensive section.


A visit to your audiologist may be able to help you further with therapies and/or sound therapy products, although I'm unsure how this work in the US.

betezel6 in reply to JulesMN

Try taking two pills for a headache.


That sounds awful,must be driving you mad.I had it for a while,and a friend who has also had viral meningitis has had it for 6 months or so ongoing. Unfortunately I don't think there's a lot that can be done with tinnitus. My friends Gp prescribed a low dose amitriptyline to take at night just for the sedation aspect to give him some sleep.He found it helped him at night.

Maybe worth speaking to your Go if you haven't already. I really feel for you,I remember how maddening it was.Sorry not to be more help.

Thank for the info. Someone posted on this site a while back that they had success with a holistic therapy, I'm hoping they'll see this and respond.

Yes, I have found a way to lessen the tinnitus! I take two Motrin headache tablets and it works fine!

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Hi, im claire, just readin ur post about Motrin headache tablets helpin tinnitus? I've been left with deafness in both ears and tinnitus like u can't imagine, it's so loud, and wats more it's ther from the moment I awake, I just wanted to ask, r these tablets English or American? Thanx for any replys.

betezel6 in reply to Tucker71

Hi! I live in the U.S. also I have tried Vicks vapor rub on the sides of my nose to help loosen up my sinuses and use a saline nasal spray. The combination for the three seems to help a lot. Good luck!

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