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Update about my fiancee and things that helped me to ease & provided a lot of information

Hi friends,

Greetings for the day.

I would like to share my fiancée's h improvements and current issues.

1. Her cognition has improved and she's now more responsive. But use to get tired fast and falls asleep. Her speech become slurred when she's tired.

2. She's getting Cera Gem therapy now with physical therapy but still she's unable to walk on her own because of pain.

3. She started to grip the things but still it's weak.

Your advise is the most precious thing for me.

I found these two books very helpful and informative, you may have read them already and if not I must say these two are really encouraging for both caregivers & patients.

1. Healing Lezarus by Lewis Richmond.

2. Shadow Summit by John Chandonnet.

Plz share your views and advise to help me to help her.

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I'm so happy to hear that she's doing better. (I'm sure your concern & love are a large part of her emotional improvement!)

I read what you said about Ceragem therapy helping I researched it. Evidently this massage machine is VERY popular in India...but not in America.

There are so few of us BM survivors in developed countries (for ex, I've NEVER physically met anyone with my BM experience) and therefore most doctors are also basically unaware of how to treat our aftereffects. But THAT is why this website is so valuable to us! We can report BM aftereffects treatments that worked or didn't work for us.


Thanks Pam,

Your support has been enormous and encouraging for me. It helped me to stand for her even more firmly. I want to spend my whole life with her so I'm very dedicated for helping her.


Thanks for keeping us updated -it is all hopeful improvement.You sound an amazing guy -many would have run away when faced with a future wife ,so changed and so damaged. As poster below says,your own great love and support will be why she is doing so well emotionally.I would advise to continue to be there for her,to support and encourage every bit of progress.She is a strong ,brave lady but you are stronger for staying beside her.Just remember this is a long,slow process and could take years -I am into my 6th year since bacterial meningitis and septicaemia.

I send you both my thoughts and prayers that your fiancée will continue to improve.


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