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How do you "carry on" with life, when your 23-year old dies from a vaccine preventable disease, that you didn't even knew existed?

Since his death, I have spent countless hours trying to figure out how I didn't know. I now know he died of politics in the province of BC, Canada. Our Government doesn't think there is enough incidents of death or disease to warrant the 4-strain meningitis vaccine in our Public Immunization Program, but 8 other provinces in Canada has implemented it. Every day I am in a daze, trying to connect with people that can help me create a non-profit and I cannot find Directors of the Board. I have spent over $8,000.00 of my husband and my personal money to create awareness, education and about the vaccines. If there is anybody on this website that is from BC, Canada that can help out, please contact me: or

My son deserves this, he was an amazing young man !!

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A lot of the questions you are asking and the answers you are seeking I am seeking myself but I live in the U.S. I contacted bacterial meningitis in 2011 and lost my hearing and have balancing issues. Luckily I was able to have an ear implant done on my left ear and have hearing restored at around 30 percent. One of the things that I found out after doing research myself was that there are vaccines for this. If I had known I would have taken it So like your area there is no movement on awareness. I am willing to work with you to get some awareness brought to this subject..There is hope as is being shown by both of us looking for answers. Let me know.


Not in Canada,but I wish you the very best in your campaign. Your son would be proud of what you are fighting for.Sending you my sincere sympathies.How is your campaign going?


My 21 year old daughter died 13 days ago from bacterial meningitis and the doctors have no clue what caused it. Hpw do you go on ? I have no clue


I'm very sorry. I am here on the site because I contacted meningitis five weeks ago. We still dont know why. I am so sorry for your loss.


I am so sorry for your loss. A death of a child should never be experienced and you have lost your beautiful son so tragically. It is inspiring for you to channel your energy and knowledge into helping others. I am in Australia and I agree totally that further education and awareness is needed about meningitis. One thing I believe makes people "switch off" to the term meningitis is because I've noticed that every article is consistent in saying the disease is "rare". When most people read or hear the word 'rare' they feel like it won't happen to them and they disassociate. I think that although in the medical field meningitis might be rare when compared with other illnesses, because of it's seriousness, it needs to stop being presented that way!

I lost my mum to pneumococcal meningitis 3.5 months ago. I had heard of meningitis because my children are still in the childhood vaccination program age group. however, I was unaware that young adults and seniors are susceptible too. My mum had a fever, stiff neck and ear infection in both ears and the GP did not diagnose meningitis. Sent her home, alone, at 10pm at night. During the night she became paralysed, I found her on the bedroom floor in the morning.

My mums type of meningitis is also vaccine preventable so I understand how upset you are. your biggest supporters will be other parents as they will welcome your warnings and first hand knowledge. Together you will be able to rally to get things changed for the future of other young adults. I wish you and your husband well and I hope you are able to think of your son and smile at times. xxx


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