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Please help: Are these issues common in first few months of meningitis and will recover over time???

Hello friends,

Sorry for bothering all of you again and again by asking so many questions. But these days I'm really very stressed that I find this place very helpful and easing.

My fiancée contracted with tb meningitis around five months back right then she was in coma but then woke up and had so many issues and was not even able to eat with mouth. But now after five months she is recovering and can eat well with mouth. However she can't take the food by her own as she has stiffness and spasm in muscles. I want to discuss about issues she has and wanna know whether they are common after meningitis:

1. Stiffness and spasm specially in right arm and left leg which is making even a strech painful and she's fearful of walking as she cries too hard when she tries to walk or stretch them, did you also faced this with horrible pain she's having? How you cured this and how long did it take for you?

2. Mood swift is another major issue. She responds well to each question asked to her but she never initiate a conversation by her own however she's very talkative in nature before this. She also don't try to do any exercis by her own, she maybe don't understand what's good and what's bad for her. When asked she says she'll do but she never do. Did you faced this and how long did it take to cure? any special suggestion for helping this out?

3. Bowel and bladder incontinence, i sometimes assume that she doesn't tell as she's fearful of walking. Did you also had a similar situation and how you cured it & how long it took for you to be normal again?

4. Missing periods for last five months is another major issue...did you also face this & how you cured it and how long did it take for you???

Sorry for so many questions but your experiences will help me to help my fiancée and will ease my stress as well.

Wishing you to have a blessed day... Tc.




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Its a long & winding road coming out of the effects of this disease. Your doctors & nurses will lead her and with you standing beside her can make this recovery. Everyone is different.Its been over two years for me to get where I am in a somewhat comfortable state.Be patient. Its hard we know that. I did push myself physcially, fell a few times wiping out two walkers but with the assistance of a cane I get around pretty good. I am a male so I don't have female issues. Just remember that one day she was fine & then her whole world fell apart. Luckily you are there for support. Keep up the good work


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