How long will this take to recover?

I had bacterial meningitis and septicemia in March. It was caught quickly and was in hospital for a week and off from work for another 2 weeks. It was discovered that the cause was my chronic sinusitis and I'm in for an op on the 14th September. My question is, is it normal to still be feeling so rough. I know I have chronic sinusitis and that is a battle with awful pains on my head an face daily, but I just feel so exhausted and weak. I'm starting to feel anxious because I keep having to take days off here and there and I feel like work might stop being so supportive. Any words of wisdom would be most welcome.

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  • Hi Hugz sorry to hear you were a victim to bacterial meningitis. I would just like to begin with we are not medically trained on this site. We are however survivors like yourself. I contracted bacterial meningitis around two years ago and I had a sinus infection too which lead to my ear drum bursting. It took me several months to feel ok about working part time again. I have been working full time for 16 months now and I still get tired. You are the best judge of how much you can handle. It is hard I know. It should get easier as time passes just do what you can and don't push yourself too hard. Take care.

  • I am surprised that you were able to go back to work as quickly as you did. I was off work for 6 months! Even when I went back, I still felt horrible at times, still felt tired, had headaches, had concentration issues, etc. Give yourself plenty of time to rest and sleep. Your brain is still trying to heal. Most doctors will tell you it takes at least 2 years to find your "new normal". You may still have side effects that will last you for a lifetime. Don't rush the healing process. Be kind to yourself.

  • Thank you. I only went back because I thought I had to. The GP said I should only need a couple of weeks to recover. l felt awful but thought I was overreacting and that I might have been milking it. I don't think GP's are well versed in the affects of this disease. It's great to hear other peoples experiences and I class myself as a very lucky lady x

  • I had to end up and seek the advice of a neurologist. But first, while in the hospital, the infectious disease doctor told me (and wrote out a medical release form) not go back to work for a minimum of 3 months. If you overdo it, you will end up back in the hospital again.

  • Good point something we should all remember don't sweat the small stuff. Eight months since horrific traumatic experience Christmas Day getting super sick on the way home from visiting family in NC

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