The plus side of VM FOR ME! ( a bit of humor ) well you have to laugh at the side effects or you go nuts or in my case nutter

been a very avid film buff, I have watched many films over and over again, since my VM, i have a new lease of life watching films I have seen B4, it is as if, the film makers have added extra parts to the film, OR LOL my VM left a bit of brain damage and removed some parts of the film SO TO YOU VM, thanks can now watch films with bonus bits, Haaaaaaa, as i said you have to learn to laugh at somethings VM has done to you, or you will just doooo laaaa eeee

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  • Love your spirit Tiga. I can watch repeats on tv again and again and still not remember the end. Looking on the plus side when we went to Disneyland we jumped all the queues because I was in a wheelchair and my kids had a fab time and went on everything they wanted to lots of times. They also call my disabled parking badge the magic parking permit :)

  • i now its great, each film seems to have extra bits in, can be at the start the middle or end, so makes watching repeats and films a joy LOL, you go "magic parking permit " :)

  • Oh Tiga, you make me laugh too.. and thats always a good thing! I too watch lots of film and sometimes they have a strange effect on me, as does music. Yesterday I was watching a motor bike kind of parade going through my small market town.. think they were Goldwings.. though I confess to knowing nothing at all about MBikes or have any interest whatsoever. Anyway I found myself crying at the spectacle of these folk from all areas over Europe and North America driving their vehicles and tooting their horns... how mad is that (I need to get out more!). Often very odd how things move you post VM eh? Keep crying at the movies girl and enjoy the new bits... going to look out for that in some re-watched ones!

  • its seems you new "special power" after VM is empathy mine is Bat ears can hear everything LOL and yes all VM's can now look forward to watching repeats, as there will be something are brain will add for us LOL

  • Hey! It's not just for you vm's, I'm a bm and I too get to enjoy movies and old sitcoms like I've never seen them too! Lol! Canada, you mention music having a storage effect on you, me too!!! It's so weird, unless I know the song really well it takes me a while to figure out what it is. Sometimes it just fills my head, and makes it rush(for lack of better description) and just sounds like so much noise, and I have to turn it off. Thistles me super sad as I've always loved music.


  • HI super power BM, ye some songs drive me nuts not sure it is the VM or just getting to old LOL, but i know what you mean, can make us all feel sad, but a bit of meat loaf bat of hell sorts that out for me haa

  • I meant to say this makes me super sad.

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