Meningitis Now

Joint pain and swelling with rheumatoid factor positive

I really did think I was recovering albeit slowly from the awful VM thing. I am now 4 years post meningitis. Lots of ups and downs and just now getting less fatigue and starting to exercise more. I have suddenly developed swollen and painful joints, hands and wrists mainly but shoulders knees and feet to a lesser extent. I know these are signs of RA so had the blood work and yues the Rheumatoid factor is very high, so going to see a Rheumatologist now. Has anyone out there had any autoimmune disease post VM?

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sounds bad what you are doing threw, i have OA, but had it b4 VM, it just plays up more, i found i can no longer eat pork and have to cut sugar down, as this helps with the pain, thou i do sulk alot when i cannot have my chocolate.

I use Viv and peppermint oil to also help with the pain, ok smell like i have a cold all the time LOL but it does help, give it a go hon :)


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