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Register as a vulnerable person to get coronavirus support



Have you seen that the Government is asking you to register with them if you are vulnerable. This will mean that you can get support during the coronavirus pandemic. For example, you’ll be able to ask for help getting deliveries of essential supplies like food.

You can register if you have a medical condition that makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. If you’re not sure whether your medical condition makes you extremely vulnerable, register anyway.

This service is free. You can register yourself, or for someone else.

Stay safe



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Thanks. I've put my name down

Thanks Sarah

Good morning Sarah _Mencap.

I registered last weekend and it takes about a week for it to get through to the supermarkets that you are classed as a priority customer. Mine came through today so I was able to check out my order that had been on my account with Sainsbury's for 2 weeks and got a delivery slot straight away and it's coming tomorrow .

I am just letting you and others know on how long it usually takes for your details to get on the system so that people don't worry. Everyone stay safe and well during the coronavisus outbreak and think of others and follow the government advice during this period of time it's for everyone's protection and take time to remember the people who are out there trying to protect everyone which includes all the emergency services and the NHS Doctors and nurses and all health care professionals. Help them by doing what they have told us all to do. Take care of yourselves. Peter

Hi there, I support three elderly gentlemen with learning difficulties, all over seventy in supported living 24 hour support, we cannot get a priority shopping delivery, although they cannot go out, very difficult


I tried registering last night on my son's behalf because he has severe learning disabilities and epilepsy. However, those health problem are not listed. Yet he received a text from the GP saying he needs to self isolate for 12 weeks because he's at high risk.

Good morning Rich does your son have to have a flu injection every year? To save him from getting I'll on a regular basis? Then he is classed as High risk so you can register on the government site that Sarah said just tick breathing problems and give his NHS card number which everyone has who she's a Doctor or other medical professional workers then you will be added to the list ok. Let us know how you get on please. It takes about a week to get on the system with so many people registering on the site. I was passed yesterday put in my shopping order which had been waiting for over two weeks and I got it this morning and I have got a 20 year old son who has similar health issues as your son. Good luck and stay safe always. Peter

Thanks Peter, I've registered so will see what happens. My son is also 20 and yes he is invited for a flu jab each year. Although unfortunately he wouldn't let them do it this year.

I assume the supermarkets link it to the phone number and email address that's provided to the government against those they have stored?

Hi Rich if you have put his National health service number into the system they link it to his medical record well the government do then pass on that he is on the register

Interesting, despite my daughter's extreme vulnerabilities, she doesn't fit into any of the categories on the government's list. She has a rare chromosome disorder, epilepsy, severe learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, needs 2:1 support 24/7.

Hi Jane read my message that I sent to Rich. If your Daughter has a flu Injection every year then she is High risk look for something like the rare chromosome disorder which if my Nurse training serves me right (now Retired) is a rare form of Cancer? Good luck peter

I am 68yr old caring for my 67 yr old husband with terminal liver cancer, I have copd.

in reply to Moram

HI Moram you can also register had your husband has cancer.

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How do I register?

in reply to Moram

Click on the link the Sarah has added at the top and answer the questions accordingly.

Hello Sarah,

I help us much us I can.I am an experienced carer and I need my boy Back us well,however I am looking for careres for tham,so they can be supported.Just writing for someone reply.


Good Morning Soczela

I think you will find it hard to find carers for your son at the present time because of the coronavisus outbreak and that we are all on lockdown in my Area we call them PA's And the one I have for my 20 year old learning difficulties and other disabilities and multi medical issues I have told him not to attend but I am still putting in his hours as my son Joe has a managed account with East Sussex county council. But if your really need a carer because you can't cope with your son's needs then I would contact your local county council or your local Disabilities team depending on how old he is if under 18 its children services at your social services department who will have an out of hours emergency number which you can call but you might have a long wait for an answer to your call as they most likely will be inundated will other calls if your son is over 18 years old it will be your local transition team in the Adult social care team who also will have an emergency out of hours service failing that you can contact NHS online services but not the NHS111 coronavisus service number or online services. I know that it's worrying for you that he might not get the help that he needs at this time. But just be there for him and show him that you love him also try and get him to do things with you if able to of course.

Like cooking or helping you to clean your home with you. If he is still at school or College they most likely would have sent him some activities to do at home like my son's college have done here in East Sussex.

Good luck in finding the help you need to care for your son. Take care. Peter

Thank You Péter ,

Thanks very kind.I have my lovely neibehoor who offered help to shopping .She registered by NHS us a volunteer.I am hoping to solve my situation an have a support asap.It is difficult to say that he need Assesment done and Hope our Life is Back to normal.

Keep in touch Please.


My son has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He is invited for an annual flu jab. He has 24/7 care. Filling in the government form, I get to this question:

You’re extremely vulnerable if you:

- have had a solid organ transplant

- have any cancer and are getting chemotherapy

- have lung cancer and are getting radical radiotherapy

- have cancer of the blood or bone marrow, at any stage of treatment - for example, leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma

- have any cancer for which you’re getting immunotherapy or other continuing antibody treatments

- have any cancer for which you’re getting a targeted treatment which can affect the immune system - for example, protein kinase inhibitors or PARP inhibitors

- have had bone marrow or stem cell transplants in the last 6 months, or are still taking immunosuppression drugs

- have a severe respiratory condition - including cystic fibrosis, severe asthma or severe COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

- have a rare disease or inborn error of metabolism that significantly increases your risk of infection - for example SCID or homozygous sickle cell

- are getting an immunosuppression therapy that’s sufficient to significantly increase your risk of infection

- are pregnant, and have a significant congenital or acquired heart disease

I do not believe any of the categories apply. If I click the "No, I do not have one of the medical conditions on the list" button I am told he is not entitled to coronavirus support.

Do people think he is entitled to coronavirus support? If so, how do I get him registered?

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