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Supported living-best decision

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My son is 21 but I made the decision for him to get his own flat in a supported living complex while I was still young enough to help him settle and keep an eye on things . Luckily I found a place only 10 minutes drive from me . I contacted his social worker and told her I had found the perfect place , then I didn’t take no for a answer ! I had quite a fight on my hands but stuck to my guns ! Lots of meetings and decisions to be made at panel . But finally we got there! My son has autism, learning difficulties and epilepsy. So I had to get all the help I could to make sure he will be safe and well supported. We have a bed epilepsy monitor, and a wristband that can detect seizures and alert the 24 hour staff down stairs ! Brilliant. Peace of mind . We have had 28 hours a week care support agreed . Which will be to used to help him learn to cook , do washing , housework and go out in the evenings. He also attends a day centre 4 days a week . So we had to apply for transport costs as well .

He’s looking forward to moving in next week . And I feel this is really going to help encourage him to be more independent.

Thinks for reading

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Hello Positivepixie and welcome to this forum.It is really good that you bring your positive story to our forum . Please keep us informed of your son's independence which will help others to know that not everything is gloomy. Good luck for a rosy future.:-)

Hello. That’s a great outcome.


That’s great to hear a positive story.

My daughters care has broken down after 3 years and we are looking for somewhere new.

She has learning disabilities, Epilepsey and challenging behaviour.

We would like to find a supported living complex as although she needs her own space she is very social.

Essex area if anyone knows anywhere?

Where is your sons place?

My sons place is in a little village near Canterbury Kent . Hope you find somewhere for your daughter soon .

Hi Positivepixie, thank you for sharing your story. So encouraging. Wishing you both a safe & happy future.

Great story - best of luck for your futures! And an encouraging story to help everyone else fighting similar battles.

It so lovely to hear from you. What a wonderful outcome for you both.

Wow ! That’s really wonderful. Hope it all goes well for him .

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