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Mental Health Action Day is Today

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Mental Health is health. How are you doing today? What could help you function better? What have you found over the past year supports your mental health? What have you learned to let go of or change so you maintain your mental health?

Let's keep taking these actions together.

Having others check in on me helps me feel supported, even if I don't want to talk about all of my grief.

Learning how to row has given me a new physical outlet that also quiets my headspace. Kayaking and going to water aerobice (new activities also) is doing the same thing.

Continuing to show up in our melanoma support group has given me a place that knows my history, even if I'm quiet in the meeting.

Attending church on Zoom has kept me connected to my faith community after moving 200 miles away, giving stability.

Working a job gives me structure to my day, and a place to be successful.

Having family events (Mimi contacts, dinners, an engagement, weddings, a first grandchild) has pulled me forward into the future when I honestly was ambivelent about going there.

These are the actions I've taken this past year when grief, anxiety, pandemic, and moving changes beset my life. I couldn't control these externals, but I've tried to take actions to live with care for my mental health sake.

How about you?



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Thanks for being our fearless leader Missy.

Yes, having you here helps me! Thank you .

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