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Keytruda Cycle 9?


Hello everyone! Ryan has successfully received his 9th (I believe, could be 10th) cycle of Keytruda. His blood work last Friday seemed to be the best it has been in over a year :) he was extremely anemic (found no direct cause) but after 2 infusions of iron he is back on track and his levels are rising which is good! Liver is in tip top shape! ALT and AST are well within normal range. Creatinine is on the higher side of the normal spectrum but nothing to worry about at this moment which is great! They are definitely being worked but they are holding on well. He is doing wonderful and he’s feeling great and living day to day with virtually little to no pain. He has an upcoming PET scan on July 16th. Two days before our vacation. We have both agreed to hold off on harassing the doctors for the results until we get back so we can enjoy the vacation as is, with no potential dark cloud cause god knows this disease is the devil in disguise. I hope to hear some good things from everyone else! Love you all ❤️

Xoxo from MD

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I’m so happy for you guys. Enjoy your vacation and come home to good news!!

Fingers crossed! How are things on your end?!

We had very scary times in January and February but he started braftovi/ mektovi in March and could actually feel one node getting smaller. Scan after a month of meds was good! We are so grateful.

So glad you've got good results; very hopeful.


such awesome news for you and Ryan. So glad to hear the Keytruda is working it’s magic. EnJOY your time together. Where are you going for vacation? I hope you have the best time ever. You so deserve it. Live for today and enjoy every moment. Everyday is a gift.

As for Mark he is still doing well. We are in awe of how well he is doing. He had CT Scans beginning of June and everything was ok. Marks PET Scan & Brain MRI are in September. Enjoying every moment God has blessed us with.


🙏🏻 So thankful Mark is still doing great! So much hope that even with stage 4 that Ryan can get that type of time. We are headed to OBX North Carolina! So long as the country doesn’t take a poop again. Praying for the COVID cases to stay low around the east coast. Maryland is doing quite well with a steady decline. No spikes yet! But have to keep an eye on our vacation town. They are an island and they can shut down entry if things get out of hand again there. And you are sure right, god has been good. I am so happy for you guys. Seriously gives us hope. That’s why I love this place ❤️

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Just terrific that Mark is keeping this trend going.

Living with Melanoma for me has meant learning how to live in smaller time increments and having times with family/ friends/ trips to look forward to (and backward at) has helped have a sense of balance and pleasure in the midst of a lot of work and anxiety.





You and Ryan deserve to have this positive trend. I'm glad the day to day living experiences are showing such a good quality of life improvement. Kudos also for choosing to embrace your vacation plans fully.



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It’s been nothing short of a blessing thank you for your kind words missy ❤️ And waiting for results is usually not my style lol - I’ll be patient for this set though 😊

Great news Kelly; enjoy a well deserved vacation!

Wonderful news, I am so happy for you!!

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