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Yesterday finally hit me hard after meeting with my mom's Oncologist. We went over what treatment and which medicines they will give her. I still haven't figured out how to cope with this. She's only 50 years old and still have more to life to live. My fiancee keeps telling me that I just need to deal with it and move on with life because it's life. I don't know to sort threw my feelings and I don't really have anyone to talk to either.

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I’m glad you are able to be there and meet with her doctors. It’s a lot to take in. It was overwhelming for me at first. Writing down my questions and getting as much info as I could was helpful. We are here for you.

Dear MM

As the caregiver for my sister I can tell you it was very hard. Though she moved in with my parents I went to every doctors appt and scan. My other sister didn’t really deal with her feelings at the time which hit her very hard later. I found myself crying in my car more times than I care to think about and there are times I still do. Though your husband is right, it is not easy to just keep moving on with life and accepting this path. My biggest recommendation is talk to the palliative team and their social workers. They can help you and your mom through the emotional issues that will pop up. We are here for you too. It isn’t an easy journey but you don’t have to be alone, ask for help when you need it, cry when you need to and talk to your mom, family and social workers.

There's really no moving on, just moving through. Which is forward motion even if it's in slow motion. For me, dealing with the emotions happens inconsistently. Some days I cry, some days I don't let myself even think about it. Just depends on my energy levels

I hope you can confide in a friend or relative or your fiance. It has to be someone nonjudgmental who can simply hold your hand. If you have the means, a professional counselor or grief support group can be helpful.

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