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Back In The Bed

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I felt good for a very short period, but now I'm back in the bed. Experiencing a lot of nausea, lots of brain fogginess, nervousness and feeling so much worse when I sit up.

On April 29th I had the worse episode, I had been taking my daughter to her dance rehearsals but on the above date, after I had dropped her off i got home and slowed down so bad I had to ask a neighbor to help me up 3 flights of stairs yes, I live on the 3 floor.

The neighbor was very concerned and a bit scared for me she wanted to call the ambulance but I reassured her that wasn't necessary, I just needed her to open the door and I would be alright and once I got inside and rested I was not better but recharged.

I am planning my vacation to my home and I am really hoping that I will be able to make the trip next month.

I am presently in bed 😩

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