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No energy

Had the most horrific day yesterday, I felt so ill. My body aches everywhere I have no energy at all, it's even a struggle to go to the toilet. I know we have to rest on our bad days and make the most of our good days but has anyone got any suggestions on how to cope ?

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Now there is a question and a half!!

Sorry to hear things are sh1tty at the minute, damn those days can really knock the confidence.

I take a slew of things (not as diligently as I should), including:

Kelp/Iodine - for energy

N.A.C. - con't remember :) but it does a few different things

Vitamin D - this is one of my main supplements due to the side effects of low Vit D are similar to M.E. and many (?all) living in Ireland or the UK should really be taking supplements especially at this time of the year.

PAIN DRUGS (including cannabis) the more we have to fight pain the more tired we get. I am on strong pain drugs for RLS and although I have to supplement with cannabis the drugs keep my pain at bay pretty well which leaves me A LOT less tired as I haven't had to use my energy to deal with pain all day.

I was taking this for a while:


its a tea that is antiviral, (M.E. is believed to be viral by some very respected experts in the field), helps with common cold, boosts this that and the other and if enough people drink it will bring world peace therefore ushering in a new age of enlightenment where (Wo)man can cure all illness and reach for the stars before evolving to the point where we shed our fleshy selves and transcend the mortal plane.

And for the smokers, tea and coffee drinkers like myself who have stained teeth - it has teeth whitening properties, (although it can make your teeth sensitive - hence me not taking it any more).

There are also nootropics like Modafinil but I don't take them as my G.P. isn't keen on them and a friend who works in the NHS, (medical side not a porter :) ), doesn't like them as they can cause problems like agitation and paranoia and as I am a parent I am already paranoid that my kids are out to kill me or drive me insane.

Meditation and mindfulness can be great allies in this. Keeping yourself as focused as possible on one thing keeps your mind and therefore your body away from the crap of whatever is going on.

For example - you are full of anxiety and can't understand why. You have those horrible feelings of dread and are unable to focus on much else. Say someone you are in a relationship/would like to be in a relationship with comes in and invites you to the bedroom. It wont be long before the anxiety is gone and you are enjoying yourself, (as long as your lover is up to the task :) ).

But seriously distraction is a fantastic tool and is utilised can bring a lot of relief. I have a lot of things to do, so many even if I get back to my old self I may never get it all done, and that keeps my mind off the fact that I no longer work and contribute to society, ect, etc.

Comedies are great - we all need a laugh, (the news can also be good for that), movies, audiobooks, porn, music anything we can get enjoyment from should be set up for the days we can't do anything - a CD player loaded and beside the sofa, MP3 player charged and ready - you catch my drift.

I have a friend who has been off sick and every time he goes to the Dr to try and get back to work he is refused. It is driving him up the wall as he cannot get enough to do and all he can see is - get back to work and things will improve, which is causing him annoyance and distress and raising his BP and preventing his return!!!

Pick a target, ANY target, and start working towards it.

Any way. Hope that helps got to go - the world wont conquer itself :)


Don't be fooled by the pictures of a disabled person climbing a mountain or any words of encouragement - the whole negativity of fb will negate any benefit from it. If you must go near it make it only to message and not to read the feed. Seriously try that for a while all you fb'ers and see the improvement.


I am so sorry you are suffering so badly at the moment. I truly hope you feel better soon. I'm so sorry I have no words of wisdom to offer, as I'm allergic to so many things. My GP doesn't prescribe me anything as I react so badly.


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